3 Card Crow Tarot Reading for Friday Feb 16

3 Card Crow Tarot Reading for Friday Feb 16

Crow Tarot Spread

Good morning!

At the center of this spread is the warm, loving, and abundant Nine of Pentacles... a nice way to enter the weekend.

To get to the lush garden the crow however needed to find the energy of the King of Swords. This ruler is sharp and focused on all he desires. The King of Swords removes any haze in a situation and will see all possibilities from a fair and unbiased position. His energy will help the crow discern fact from fiction and that includes any self-limiting beliefs. It is through taming it's wild mind and allowing for personal change to take place that the crow can now bask in the radiant light of the Nine of Pentacles. The Two of Pentacles brings the reminder to the crow that in order to remain in the garden it must not fall into a pattern of laziness or complacency. There is still work to do and although the broader picture is one of success, responsibilities must still be managed to keep balance.

If you have been feeling any doubt about life choices or a career path the King of Swords may represent a person of authority that can help you work through the issue logically. The crow may also enter as a clear thought or epiphany. You will know it is the King because you will feel no emotion in your decision, it will simply be the best choice to move you forward.

The Nine of Pentacles represents the most favorable outcome position and in this case, the crow has attained much success. More importantly, it got to this place through clear, logical thinking. By taming its inner-critic as well as the wild or erratic thoughts that would lead him in the wrong direction, the crow transformed and with this change came a new life that allows for more fortuitous opportunities to unfold.

The Two of Pentacles is kind of the buzz kill here. It's the person who reminds us that even though we have reached a good amount of success we still need to do some chores. We all can't just sit in a beautiful garden and have others take care of our needs - although it would be nice for a little while!

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