3 Card Crow Tarot Reading for Monday Feb 12

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Crow Tarot Spread

Good morning! 

Perhaps I am drawing on the energy outside today, as that is where I pulled this morning's cards. Little crocuses and daffodils have popped up, and the cherry and dogwood trees have started to bloom. Spring at least here in Seattle has come early and this spread speaks of fresh starts and celebrating, as we move out of hibernation mode and into a place of reconnecting with family and friends. 

The crow in need of a break from the daily stresses of life sought to reconnect with its inner-wisdom by traveling alone into the woods where it found a tree to rest on. There the crow grew and developed spiritually. Through time and introspection, it learned how to transform feelings of stress and worry into action turning the Wheel of Fortune to a place of harmony and success. While in the woods, the crow discovered its purpose and because of this, its life is one of happiness and the ability to spend quality time with friends and family. 

I see this spread as one that represents a time that brings a new beginning one that falls into alignment with a soul-purpose. The Hermit card represents a time of soul-searching and really evaluating where it is you want to be in life. When you find this, the troubles that sent you packing into the woods will move away as the Wheel of Fortune turns. The Wheel does keep moving and although at this time it marks a passage into a better situation the Four of Wands indicates to not only celebrate your success but to also maintain a positive attitude. The Four of Wands looks like 1111 - for those who are into angel numbers, this number is one of new beginnings and a reminder to remain positive in your thoughts because you have the power to move that wheel in and out of success. By focusing on the good times and on being grateful for any current positive aspect (even if it seems small) you will find you will create an abundance of harmony.  


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