3 Card Crow Tarot Spread for Friday Jan 19th

3 Card Crow Tarot Spread for Friday Jan 19th

3 card Crow Tarot Spread

I see this spread as one that tells the story of a lifetime. Many of the three card spreads I do bring short stories, little vignettes that when combined tell a complete story - but this spread is giving the big picture - the synopsis.  

The young crow, full of energy is driven by a desire, one that although may leave a few battle wounds remains firmly placed in her heart and with all her might she focuses her energy on creating a path through the storm. Able to tame her wild side, she finds harmony between the raw energy of her desires and the ability to allow her dreams to simply manifest, she no longer struggles and sits comfortably basking in the light of her success. Although able to live in comfort, her dream is not over and by maintaining a slow methodical focus that original spark of an idea will slowly evolve over time.

This spread I see as a great confirmation if you, for as far back as you can remember had a knowing of what it is you were meant to do in this lifetime. In your heart you feel as though you entered this world with a pre-programming of sorts. Every day you wake up and work at getting to that place, that place where you can see yourself living the life you were meant to live .Along the path there are obstacles and with clear skies come stormy ones, but that is how we learn and how the Universe tests our resolve. The message I get here is, you will get there - with the hard work and determination, but it is going to take the ability to shift your mind from "Even with all this hard work, I'm not there yet" to an attitude of "it's waiting for me. when I'm ready, it will be ready."

The big message I get here is that true success, or completion of the goal does not end with obtaining the financial rewards, but instead using your knowledge and resources to continue your passion. Just because you reached a level of success that enables you to live a comfortable life - it won't be enough because your purpose is to ensure that the dream you worked so hard for lives on. It might mean becoming a mentor to others who share your passion, or allowing your idea to evolve over time. These cards do not reflect a career, they tell the story of living to your higher purpose. 




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Thank you very much Pat!! I am glad that this reading resonating with you – it has such a strong energy of living for a purpose instead of career :-) <3



I randomly chose the day 19, to see how the 3 card fit. Well, it fit perfectly.
Love your Crow deck, shared your site to my friends. We are all eager for the day they are available. Thank you for your beautiful artwork & intuitive readings.

Pat bishop

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