3 card Crow Tarot Spread for Monday Feb 5th

3 card Crow Tarot Spread for Monday Feb 5th

crow tarot spread

Good morning! 

After a bit of a nerve-wrecking start to my day due to a small kitchen fire...I am personally very happy to see these cards in the spread, and not to the Tower! Not sure if it is just here - but there seems to a bit of "air-headed" energy this morning!

Ok - back to this morning's spread! There is a lot of masculine energy here that centers around creativity and abundance. 

The King of Pentacles celebrates his abundance by being generous and helping those in need. He is a true philanthropist who asks nothing in return as he knows that he has the ability to manifest all he needs and more. To stay on task the crow will need to take the time to focus his energy on the desired outcome, as he will have a variety of opportunities. By taming his wild tendencies or impulses, he is able to ensure that he is not depleting his resources faster than he can manifest them. The King of Wands arrives with an idea that only through his clear focus and determination will see success. Backed by the generous King of Pentacles, and the Strength card, the King of Wands has all the components necessary to create a fruitful outcome.

This spread tells me a story of perfect alignment. You know when a plan just comes together, effortlessly - that is what we have going on here. The King of Pentacles brings the financial resources to get the ball rolling, the Strength card provides the mental fortitude and personal discipline, and the The King of Wands, much like a relay race - takes it home by ensuring that there is clear vision of success. If you are embarking on a project look for areas in your life where these three elements can come together or can be developed. 



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