3 Card Crow Tarot Spread for Saturday Jan 20

3 Card Crow Tarot Spread for Saturday Jan 20

3 card Crow Tarot Spread

What a roller coaster of emotions going on here with this spread this morning. There is anxiety and fear, happiness and celebration, regret and transformation. As I sit here reflecting on this spread, it is a reminder that nothing is constant and each step along this journey leads to the next and the next, and so on.

The Nine of Swords shows a crow waking up feeling shaken because of a disturbing dream. His nightmare was one of conflict, and fear of being trapped. Although the feelings are all very real during his dream - in the waking world, his anxiety is self inflicted. It is because the crow was able to move past his fear and conquer his anxiety that The World reveals itself rewarding him with success. Although the crow had finally reached a point in his life where he could relax and enjoy his much earned riches, it wasn't enough. Despite reaching a comfortable place in his life, there is a nagging feeling that there is something else out there that needs to be explored. It is here that the crow makes a painful decision to leave it all behind. He does not make this choice lightly and it is only because he knows that in the end his choice will result in a life that not only feeds his stomach, but also his soul.

If you find that you connect with this spread it is possibly because the anxiety that once occupied your thoughts may be the result of a fear of success due to a real desire to do something different with your life. Although yes there is a successful completion to a project or event, it may just not be the thing in life that brings you the most joy and therefore the Six of Swords swoops in causing you to ask yourself if this is all there is? You are going to find this to be a nagging feeling and one that will have you questioning whether or not to make the painful decision of leaving it all behind to go after a dream. Although, yes you will be giving up something, something that you worked very hard to attain, in the end you will find yourself in a happier more soul-filling place. 



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