3 Card Crow Tarot Spread for Sun Feb 4th

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crow tarot spread

Good morning! 

This spread has all the makings of a Hollywood drama, and for some of us our lives seem to play out that way at times. From the surface this spread feels heavy and tells the story of an awakening, adventure, and a betrayal.

On her journey the crow encountered a time of Judgement. She was required to look at herself from a place of quiet contemplation. Something or someone was holding her back. Perhaps it was a bad habit, or a relationship, whatever it  was she accepted her role in the stagnation and met the Ace of Wands. 

The Ace of Wands arrives with the first clear view of a better future. The road is open and because of her spiritual growth, the path to success is clear. By facing Judgement she removed the blocks and in a sense freed herself. However in doing so she may have to face a painful situation or a friend's betrayal in order to grow strong enough to complete her journey successfully.

The story I get here is one where we have reached a point in our lives where we begin to take stock in our actions and beliefs and in doing so evaluate what is serving us and what is holding us back. It's when we get that glimpse of what a better future looks like, it can cause those around us who have not progressed to become jealous or feel less connected. By taking an objective look at our actions and how we allow others to affect us, we will find the power to move past any situation. Sometimes it takes a betrayal to shake us, and wake us up out of complacency. If the obstacles are cleared and strength is built from adversity - the path to success is clear. 



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