3 Card Crow Tarot Spread for Thursday Jan 25th

crow tarot spread

Good morning! The first thing that popped into my head when seeing the cards for this spread was it is okay to take some time to chill out and reconnect with the things in life that make us happy. We all need to take a break from time to time from the fast paced world we live in so that we can recharge.

The Knight of Swords came rushing in full of ideas and energy. There was no stopping this crow! Through shear determination he set out to create a path to success, however in doing so in his excitement he might have been a bit brutish or inconsiderate, but it wasn't out of arrogance or malice - he was blinded by inspiration. The Six of Cups steps in to slow him down and suggests temporarily dialing back this exuberant energy by revisiting some fond memories of childhood. Reconnecting with the past and remembering that feeling of  a child-like wonder, free from the responsibilities of adulthood, the crow will feed his soul and create a stronger and more harmonious energy. The Queen of Pentacles comes in to offer wisdom and the soothing reassurance that like all her fledglings, the crows journey will be blessed with security and love.

If you have been going at full-speed, working 7 days a week because you have this amazing idea that you just know is destined for success. Maybe you are working late nights and missing dinner with the family or sacrificing down time out of fear of losing momentum. This is a great reminder that taking a little break, even if it is just an afternoon to reconnect with your inner-child and extend to yourself some self-care - in doing so, you will recharge your battery. It's not about work/ life balance - it's about work/ life harmony. Dividing the time in two doesn't work for those of us who are passionate about what we do. It is by finding a flow that moves between the two effortlessly, we are able to propel our ideas while at the same time continually recharge our batteries with loving supportive energy. 



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