3 Card Crow Tarot Spread for Wednesday Jan 24

3 Card Crow Tarot Spread for Wednesday Jan 24

Crow Tarot 3 card spread

You know those stories about people who win the big Powerball jackpot, get millions and millions of dollars only to lose it all within a few years because of bad habits, ego, and falling into the temptation trap? Well...that is the story I see in this spread. Here the Devil does not reflect a current situation, but instead appears as a warning. 

The crow landed on a large pentacle that was once covered in clouds, from that position  her the vision to a clear path. By easily being able to focus on her end goal she was able to create a successful outcome and reached her destination with little to no obstacles along the way. The crow celebrates the end or completion of the journey with friends and enjoys the fruits of her labor. It is now time to live an abundant life, free from any worry and lack. But like an obnoxious party crasher, the devil appears. His job is to destroy the feeling of gratitude and joy the crow is feeling and replace it with self-pity and self-doubt.  Whether it is by getting the crow to fall into bad habits that will whittle away her financial security, or perhaps have her focusing only on areas that are "less-than-perfect" to diffuse the positive energy her feelings of gratitude had created - unless he is asked to leave, he will most certainly make a mess. 

This is a really wonderful spread, despite the devil - but he does appear with a very valuable lesson. You worked so hard to get to where you are and now is the time to reap the benefits of that success. However, in doing so, keep in mind that with a negative attitude, or destructive habits that deplete your financial resources, all the the good luck and abundant manifesting that you were able to achieve will end up being nothing more than a past memory.  



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