3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Fri Jan 13

3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Fri Jan 13

3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Jan 12th

First let me say when I do these daily 3 card readings I shuffle the deck several times and then pull 3 cards randomly from the deck.  The Devil is showing up a little too much this week - so clearly he has something to say. 

The three cards that came up today reflect a time in which fear is having a gripping hold and is preventing growth or movement toward success. The crow is not able to control her emotions and with the Strength card being reversed, her inner dialogue is one of self doubt and criticism. Her ego is there questioning why it is she isn't progressing faster, or better, or achieving all that she desires. 

And in comes the Devil who loves to find those with weakened spirits, the low hanging fruit of the sub-conscious. He is there reinforcing the self-doubt, all too eager to put the shackles on his latest victim. The question is how to break free?

The reversed Page of Pentacles in the final position is there as an adviser, asking how bad do you really want this and are you able to move your ego out of the way and do the work it will take to reach a successful end?

I see this spread as a message to replace the negative self talk - you know the chatter in your head that says "I'm not good enough, I am not smart enough, or capable of achieving my dreams" with positive " I Am" messages. It's incredible the power our inner voice has over us and how a simple negative thought can lead to more negative thoughts and before too long that is where all your energy is directed and that is all you can see. In contrast when we focus on creating positive inner dialogues we are more able to see all the positive things that are going well in our life. This spread, at least for me, is a reminder to watch what kind of energy I am putting out because that will be the energy that will come back, and frankly I don't care to see the devil anymore. 

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