3 Card Crow Tarot Spread - Friday Feb 9th

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Crow Tarot Spread

Happy Friday!

What a way to enter the weekend. There is so much forward motion going on in this spread, it's almost hard to contain it! 

The Knight of Swords rushes in, oblivious that there are others around or in the way. He has his sight narrowed and locked, there is nothing stopping him. His energy is raw, charging, and unconstrained. At heart, he isn't some arrogant jerk who takes pleasure in knocking others down, he is however an extremely hyper-focused creator and unable to see anything other than the goal his mind is set on achieving. In flies the Eight of Wands who takes the energy of the Knight of Swords and transforms it into one that is flexible and broad focused. Instead of being so narrow, the crow is able to see the big picture and allow for more opportunities to unfold, while still moving at lightning speed. The Four of Pentacles arrives as a warning to remain flexible and not rigid in how you reach or measure a successful end. By remaining open, it allows for an even better outcome than first envisioned. 

This spread is a great reminder that keeping focused is great, as long as we do so in a way that doesn't limit our expectations to only that we can visualize.

By being rigid what we want, we risk creating a block, one that could prevent something from manifesting that is even better than we could ever have imagined.

Charge on! 


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