3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Jan 11

3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Jan 11

3 card Crow Tarot Spread

This spread is providing me some great advice for the New Year - maybe for you as well!

The crow stood on the dock looking out over the water to a new land, She was ready for a new adventure and felt a desire to expand her horizons. Although there were some clouds in the way and the water was a bit choppy, the path was open for a new beginning and she took flight, knowing that she will successfully reach her dream.

The Reversed King of Wands however pops up just as a reminder to be realistic...and asks if decisions are being made too hastily or are perhaps is there a ruthless attitude in getting to the end? If there is an attitude of "get there at all cost" then the price she may pay is that the thing she wants most of all is not as good as she expected.  

Finally the Hermit appears with a suggestion to go inward and listen. The Hermit sits alone in the tree, absorbing the peaceful energy of the woods allowing for the knowledge she needs to finish her journey to come into her being. The path she needs to take will be illuminated only when she is ready to slow down and pay attention to her intuition.

The message of this spread hits home for me and it should for anyone who is starting a new project or is looking to make a life change. Success is very possible - when we put our minds to something and follow it up with passion that path to a dream realized is quite clear. However ,how many times do we rush over details or allow our ego to make selfish decisions in an attempt to get to our goal that much quicker? I feel The Hermit brings such a loving energy - like that of an old wise friend. You know the one who interrupts your busy day to make you go to yoga with them or grab a coffee - even though you hem and haw about all the things on your plate.. But afterwards you feel refreshed and more productive. 

For me - I am taking the message of this spread to be: The path out is through the path in. 



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