3 card crow tarot spread

3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Mon Jan 15th

3 card Crow Tarot Spread

It's a new year and this spread is telling me to not hold off on a new adventure! For those of us who felt the weight of 2017 hold us back, 2018 is our year! Now is the time to make big moves and set into motion the ideas we have had percolating for the last several months now. 

The crow caught a glimpse of a beautiful future the moment when she landed on a wand that marked the beginning to a golden path and a new city. The direction offered a glow of positive energy and any personal doubt that once lingered in her heart was cleared away - she knew the time was to now to move forward with confidence. But the new city will not her final stop to realizing her dream, as good as her time is there, it is a place to learn and grow. Now she must continue on and learn more because although her dream is close it has the potential of becoming even better than she had envisioned. To be successful however, she knows that she needs to be honest with herself and others as her decisions may have an impact not only her needs but those of her family. 

The message I am taking away from this spread is that yes our dreams are worth going after and with skill, determination, and expanding our minds - anything is possible and anything can be achieved. However, it is crucial that we are honest with ourselves and ask if what is motivating us is in our best interest and that of those who love us. It's not fair to expect others to give up their dream so that we can go after ours. Only in your heart will you know if you are being honest with yourself - I know when I am not, my "inner-scale" feels out of balance. The outcome of the journey will largely be determined by the decisions made along the path - as Justice is there to make sure all is fair. 


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