3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Sat. Jan  13th

3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Sat. Jan 13th

3 card Crow Tarot Spread

It appears that the energy of last week has moved off for now - thankfully!  Today - I did do something a little different, I went outside and stood in my little courtyard area, and shuffled the deck. The little song birds were out chirping away and the crows were flying over head cawing to the stragglers. When weather permits - I will from now on go outside to shuffle. Of course it makes sense that the Empress should pay a visit! 

All that doom and gloom last week is being forced out by the mighty Chariot and the crow has a renewed sense of confidence and drive. She swoops through the air flying high above her obstacles as she has discovered how to tame her fear and transform that energy into a positive power. And to make sure her journey is a success... in comes the Queen of Wands. She is all about power, determination and not settling for less. You won't find her eating out of someone's garbage, no she has figured out how to get the finer things in life by using her mental strength and confidence. Finally the Empress comes in with a loving abundant energy - reminding the crow to take the time to enjoy her success by taking the time to do a little pampering. 

I love the strong positive energy of this spread! 

It's amazing what can be achieved when we learn to harness our emotions and direct our attention of solving problems instead of wallowing in them. That is the message I get from the Chariot. The Queen of Wands is signal to take the lessons of the past and grow from them, to learn what works, and what doesn't work. I feel this card is a great follow up to the Chariot and reinforces the message that, yes there are times that test our resolve, however there are lessons to be learned with every adventure and each one will lead to a strength and a stronger knowing of ourselves. The Empress with her strong feminine energy should be a reminder to us all to take the time for self-care. You have worked hard and you now it is important to recognize it is time to allow for the good you have created to provide the relief, and good times you worked so hard for! 

Peace and what a great way to start the weekend! 


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