3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Sat Jan 27th

crow tarot spread

The initial energy I get from this spread is disappointment, but not one that can't be reconciled. It's that sad energy of a divorce between two people who love each other very much but can't seem to come together easily - their's is a relationship that requires work. 

The crow drinks from the Ace of Cups bringing in the energy of a new relationship, one that awakens her spirit. She has met her soul-mate, her twin flame and is ready to embark on a journey that moves beyond the physical and over to the spiritual. This is a pure love, and an attraction that is electric. During this time she finds it easy to be creative and open about her feelings as she embodies the essence of love energy. Her challenge arrives with the Three of Swords suggesting that the once strong connection may be lost as the she and her partner have "grown-up" and have replaced creativity with logic and rigid thinking. The once love struck crow now finds herself questioning if the relationship can last. The Knight of Pentacles arrives and asks the crows if they are willing to put in the work and go in for the long haul. 

I see this as the story of college sweethearts who are lucky enough to meet their true life companion at a young age. However as life goes on, and we grow out of who we were in our youth to who we want to be as adults, we take for granted that our partner will take the path we have chosen and when that doesn't happen - when our expectations do not reflect reality, the disappointment felt can create an energy that slowly nips at the once positive connection. Love and kindness towards one another is replaced with blame and anger. The Knight of Pentacles is a sign that with hard work and a learning how to manage the emotions that surface and sometimes boil over when our expectations are not met we can learn to reconnect with the love we felt in the past. If the relationship was built on a solid foundation, and if both partners put in the work -the challenges and squabbles have the potential to create an even stronger partnership.

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