3 Card Crow Tarot Spread - Sunday Feb 11

Crow Tarot spread

Good morning! 

Interesting spread this morning! Of course, as a Leo living in Seattle, I am always happy to see The Sun! HA!

The first impression I get right off the bat is that for success to truly happen, something that no longer serves its purpose needs to go. 

The crow of the Two of Pentacles keeps the balance, but it isn't easy. To keep everything in motion without dropping something has become work and as a result, life has lost its fun. As time goes by the task of maintaining the balls in motion becomes more arduous and something has to give. The Sun appears and shines its warm radiating light on the situation, allowing the focus to shift to simplicity and joy. However, Death arrives, requiring the crow to release the thing that has become a burden or no longer contributes anything other than challenges. For the crow to find true success, it will need to release something to Death that does little more than casting a shadow, preventing the areas in life that bring bliss from receiving the full power of the sun. It is only through letting go, the crow frees itself from the burden and allows the Sun's full strength to shine a path to a life of happiness and success. 

The Sun in this spread is here to put a spotlight on the things that fill your heart with joy. If you find yourself devoting energy to a project that your heart is only half-way in and you find provides more headaches than successes it may be worth looking at focusing your energy on simplifying. The sun brings a high vibration allowing for luck and success. However, The Death card brings the message that something has to go. Look at what is not serving you, especially if you feel like you are juggling too much as it is taking away valuable energy from the things that have a greater potential for personal satisfaction and prosperity.




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