3 Card Crow Tarot Spread - Thursday Feb 1

3 Card Crow Tarot Spread - Thursday Feb 1

crow tarot spread

Good morning! 

I felt like yesterday's full moon lunar eclipse surfaced old feelings that need to be released in order to move forward. I found myself examining some of my own limited belief systems. Too often we grow up believing that our dreams are not ours to fulfill. Whether directly or indirectly we are told that we are not, talented, smart, rich, skinny, whatever....enough to go after them. This spread is one where I feel there is a nudge to go back in time and pluck out those seeds that have taken root. 

The crow of the Six of Cups briefly stops at the place of her youth. In many ways it was a happy place and for the most part her memories are fond, however something is missing. Although all material needs might have been met, there is a void in the area of emotional nurturing. The Five of Wands are there to confront the Crow and ask that she look at her situation from all angles and if necessary defend her position. This is where she must confront her own beliefs against those of her family, or others who have influenced her over the years. The Two of Pentacles arrives to bring balance to the situation and allow for her transformation to take place. Now that her fears, limited beliefs, and self-doubt have been cleared her possibilities are infinite. However, like a garden that needs to be tended and weeded regularly, the Two of Pentacles is there to make sure that the small daily tasks of keeping a healthy mind and attitude are in balance with the big work of creating her dream.

For many of us how we see ourselves today is mainly a product of what our parents, peers, teachers, etc told us as kids. Each time we were told that our grades weren't good enough or you may be "okay" at something but not good enough to go professional, it planted a little seed in our head and over time instead of becoming a flower - it became a weed spreading to other areas of our life. This spread asks that we go back and look for the roots of those weeds and determine whether or not they are causing any internal conflicts with what we believe about ourselves today. By challenging the limiting beliefs and acknowledging their impact we will find balance and as a result our self-perception will become one that offers a world of infinite possibilities. 





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