3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Thursday Jan 18

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3 card crow tarot spread

Today's spread is one of hope. Yes times have been tough and really we all have those moments where we think - my god what did I get myself into. But like a rainbow during a storm I see the Sun and the Star illuminating a way through the dark. 

The story of this spread begins with an ambitious crow who found herself struggling to transport her treasure home. No one asked her to do it, she wanted all ten of the wands and although she was able to take flight, the weight of the wands is proving to be more of a burden than expected. The task is taking it's toll on her and negativity has crept in filling her head with doubt. As she struggles, she contemplates dropping the wands and leaving them behind. Just as she feels she can't go another inch The Sun fills the air with a powerful light energy that allows the crow to soar effortlessly with her wands in tow. No longer weighing her down, the bushel of wands is now light. The crow flies home grateful that she did not give up and drop her treasure during her time of weakness. To ensure the crow arrives safely with her treasure The Star washes the crow with a radiant light removing any lingering negativity and fills her spirit with an optimism that will be forever held in her heart. 

Personally, I am very grateful for this spread today. We all are guilty of of it, giving up on an idea because it starts to get hard. Or we fill our heads with negative self-talk, like "what makes me so special - or some one else could do this better..." and then boom we drop our dreams like a heavy bushel of wands, never getting to that point where the sun comes in to lighten the load. I am taking this spread to heart today and although it's winter here in Seattle...I know in my heart the Sun will warm me up soon.



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