3 Card Crow Tarot Spread - Tuesday February 20th

3 Card Crow Tarot Spread - Tuesday February 20th

crow tarot spread

Good morning! 

I see this spread as a signal of hope. Those who have been betrayed or felt an immense time of sadness and despair - there is a better future on the horizon.

The crow that has been stabbed by the Ten of Swords lays suffering although its wounds are not physical, they are emotional and deep. It suffered at the will of another and this left a weighted down feeling of despair. However, for the crow to get up, it needed to rebuild its strength and as a result, the once-defeated crow rises and is stronger. It is from this new found strength that the crow is able to discover the Three of Wands and with it, the promise for a better and brighter future. The star over the mountains represents success and will light the way to make the journey an easy one for the crow. To aid in getting across, the Page of Swords arrives - full of energy and ideas. This young crow brings excitement and an eagerness to learn more about the trip and can't stop talking about all the possibilities that await them in the new land.  

As someone who has felt the sting of betrayal and disloyalty, I know the pain can feel crushing - but it is from that place we grow and discover our hidden talents and strengths. Having physical strength will only get you so far, building a strong mind that is capable of turning any disaster into an opportunity to learn and grow from will transform your life. We all get knocked down in life, it is inevitable - but that doesn't matter as long as we get up! 

 Through mental strength and the ability to hold hope in our minds long enough, that is when a new opportunity will come into focus, and not only that but a better one than the one of the past. 

The Page of Swords will appear as an excited feeling one that keeps you motivated and full of ideas- you will know this energy because it will hit you like a crow barreling through the air with a sword - it will be unmistakable. 



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