3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Tuesday Jan 16th

3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Tuesday Jan 16th

3 card Crow Tarot Spread

This spread is one that I think many in stagnant relationships can relate to. Where one partner seeks to grow and develop their mind or expand their horizon by going back to school or seeking a mentor while the other is content in the comfortable rut unwilling to make change and as a result they drift apart. 

The crow, bored and feeling the desire to seek out sage advice turned to the Hierophant who opened her eyes to a world where she is able to grow mentally and spiritually, sparking a new era of her life to begin. Although she may have become comfortable in her stagnant, life of order and routine, for her to fully become who she is meant to be, to achieve her fullest potential -  she needs to release a lifestyle that is holding her back and allow for the transformation to begin. Once a conscious choice to evolve has been made there is no going back, her old self has died and she has moved on. She will very soon reach a time where it is necessary to spread her wings and learn to fly again. The only problem is that her partner is not at the same place in his life and as a result they will need to part. With her strong wings and new found spirit she has the ability to learn from this painful decision and although heartbreaking at the time, it will be that change in attitude she will call upon to summon her new found strength, enabling her to heal her heart and as a result become that much closer to realizing her full-potential. 

We have all been there at some point, whether it is outgrowing a childhood friend or partner, as we grow we often at times do not do so at the same rate. It can be painful to discover that your friend or partner no longer shares your interests or that you feel a need for more in life that they just can't seem to get behind. I personally believe that with every major life change there is an element of loss - something needs to be let go and even if it is a bad habit. It's our ability to heal or heart and our soul that will make the sting hurt less and will in the end lead to a stronger more confident self. 

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