3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Tuesday Jan 30th

3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Tuesday Jan 30th

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Maybe it's the lead up to the Full Moon tomorrow, what ever it is - the energy so far this week has been very positive. I feel like for a many of us, last year was one that tested our personal power to say the least, and as a result we really appreciate some good positive energy flow!  The immediate vibe I get here is that the lessons of the past were necessary in order for us to learn grace under pressure.

The crow sits on the lion's nose not in aggression but in fearlessness and confidence. She is in control of the moment and has the ability to command her feelings. She does not need to peck at the lion to bring him to submission, it is her inner respect and strength that transmits her needs. It is this power she has been able to harness within herself that enabled her to reach the center of the laurel, symbolizing victory in the Six of Wands. The crow has discovered her grit and as a result, all that hard work and perseverance has paid off. The Three of Cups arrives with the message: Don't forget the importance of recharging your battery by taking time enjoy life!  

For many of us, last year required much internal strength to get through some difficult situations. It was the year for major shifts in jobs, moving, relationships ending, and dealing with natural disasters!  However with each experience that had us questioning how much more we can take, how much more can be thrown at us for God sake... for those who kept going and saw each obstacle or setback as an opportunity to grow and gain strength from, they now have the fortitude to command their future. 

The Six of Wands brings an acknowledgement that all that hard work and times of strife were not in vain because each time you fought through a situation, you got stronger, mentally and physically. Now you can hop into the air with a knowing that you have the strength to fly anywhere!  Your possibilities are infinite! And because the Three of Cups is there opposed to a card that "challenges" your position - the message is to enjoy your time. Allow for fun and get out with friends. You have worked hard, enjoy all you have achieved!  



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