3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Wed Jan 31

Crow Tarot Spread

Good morning! 

Before I get into the reading here, I want to share with you my process this morning for shuffling and pulling the cards - because I nearly had a heart attack -ok maybe that's a little dramatic -but when the Moon came up as the first card, I had to laugh. Being today is the Super Blood Blue Moon! Oh Universe!

First I grabbed my deck and shuffled it while inside. I then when outside with the deck, hoping I could catch a glimpse of the moon through the clouds (I'm in Seattle) shuffling the cards the entire time, wandering around my little courtyard.

Giving up on seeing the moon, I put the cards in my sweater pocket, and grabbed my crystals that were outside recharging overnight. Once back inside, I started shuffling again. I then randomly picked the cards from different places in the deck. And... voila The Moon. 

So obviously there is some power in this moon! 

The crow stares at the moon looking for answers, but what is illuminated is the impression of her darker-self. The part of her that she isn't comfortable with and suppresses. The crow in the cage is her wild side, the part she doesn't like or any area that is surrounded by feelings of shame. The moon asks her to release the caged crow in order for her to see herself as a whole. Releasing the crow will also enable her to disburse the negative energy and create balance.

With help from a mentor, she is will be able to move to a place of harmony. Learning how to tame her thoughts and negative emotions by allowing them to simply exist without judgement, removing the shame that had kept them caged, she is able to bask in the radiant and abundant light. No longer divided she is whole, and free. 

For those of us who have embarked on a spiritual journey, this is the perfect time to release the areas in our minds that harbor fear and anxiety. The feeling this spread offers is one of discovering ourselves through the help of those who have made it through the journey themselves. Perhaps if you have been contemplating taking a class, or seeking out a spiritual adviser or therapist to help work through your emotions, this could be a sign to take the first step in that journey. By learning how to manage our emotions, we can create space within ourselves where the wild and the tame co-exist in harmony.

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  • Niki winner

    This resonates so much with me today. Thank you!

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