3 Card Crow Tarot Spread Wednesday Feb 14th

Crow Tarot Spread

Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day! 

I hope everyone has a day that is filled with love energy! 

There is a lot of emotion going on in this spread and at first glance, it seems to be focused on the hopes and dreams we have for the future. 

The crow of the Seven of Wands made it to the top, it wasn't easy and it ruffled a few feathers, to say the least, but he felt like he couldn't rest and enjoy his position, there were others just waiting for him to make a wrong move so that they can swoop in and take its spot on top. Although aware of those who want to see him stumble and fall, it only made him dig in harder. There is one obstacle, however, and it is not the eager murder of crows hanging out by the cliff, it is his own imagination. His mind is running so many different scenarios that he is unable to determine which one will be the best course of action. The Crow of the Nine of Cups brings the message to relax and focus on being grateful for all that has been achieved, by appreciating the fruits of his labor he will ensure that his position on top is secure and harmonious. 

This spread is one that I think a lot of people who work their way to the top can relate to, especially those who work in a climate that is very competitive such as sales. There is always someone who wants to take the top position. When you feel "under attack" it can be hard to stay focused on what is really important in life. It's so easy to allow all the "what ifs" to infiltrate your psyche. "What if this happens, then I will be more successful...or what if that happens then I will face a loss...or no longer be on top."

The Nine of Cups in the advice position of this spread serves as lovely reminder that when we focus on what we have in the present moment that brings us utmost joy, maybe its a child or pet or a partner, whatever it is - when we focus our attention on that, we will attract more things that create that feeling and in return our focus moves away from competition as there is now no longer a need to compete and we build a solid foundation of feeling fulfilled - and no one can shake you from that position. 




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