3 Card Spread for Monday January 8th

3 Card Spread for Monday January 8th

There is turmoil and upheaval going on right now - this after a time of loss and despair. It's been quite the rough patch to say the least. The loss today may be even more magnified by the crow's inability to see what she had to be grateful for as she was only focusing on what was lacking. The good news is that this change that may be hard to deal with in the present will lead to a better life. This pain is only temporary and in the end the King of Pentacles arrives with the message of hope and with grace and determination you can have success beyond your wildest dreams. 

Here are the individual meanings for each card:

5 of Cups (past)

The crow of the Five of Cups stands on the river bank, he is consumed with loss and unable to find the path out of despair. Despite the fact that all is not lost he is unable to see what he has in his life and only focuses on what he no longer possesses. This card asks that you look for areas in your life that are positive to build upon so that the disappointment you feel today can be replaced with gratitude.

The Tower (present)

Each night the crows gather from miles around to roost in the top of an old bell tower, that sits on top of a hill, away from the city lights. From generation to generation the tower offered a warm space to escape the elements on cold stormy evenings and a cool place to perch on hot summer nights. The tower has been always provided a comfortable shelter and was a place that from young and old called home, that is of course until it wasn’t. The Tower comes with a warning, do not become too comfortable, or complacent. Do not think for a moment that it all can’t be whisked away in a flash. Mentally prepare yourself, change is always afoot, sometimes little and goes by virtually unnoticed, but not this time, you will feel it and it will shake your ground. How you manage change will have a direct impact on how you fair from this upheaval. This energy caused by this change may just spark something within that will move you towards a better place. How the pieces fall are up to you.



The King of Pentacles (Future)

It would be hard for life to get any better for this King Crow. His savvy skills earned him an abundance of riches and lives a most luxurious life. His heart is pure gold and shares all that he has accumulated from material possessions to his acquired knowledge, he is ready to help those around him reach their potential as well. This King is a message that with determination, grace, and a good heart, you too will find yourself living an abundant life.



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