3 Card Spread for Saturday Jan 6th

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3 Card Spread Crow Tarot

What a journey the crow has been on! She took the leap of faith and set out to experience all life has to offer and what it brought her was a partnership that developed into something more. The crow is now with her true love and yes there will be decisions to be made but with the solid relationship of mutual love and understanding from a shared heart they can handle anything. 

If you are thinking about breaking free, this may be a sign to trust that the universe is working with you and not against you - that there is more out there and happiness and love are possible, 

Here are the meanings for the cards:

The Fool (the past position)

Unafraid, the crow does not waiver a bit and has faith that the log and river will provide a great adventure. In the distant there is a wind blowing, whistling a warning – but the crow remains faithful knowing that despite how stormy or choppy the waters may become in the future –the log will keep her afloat.

The Fool card asks that you faith in the universe and to live fearlessly – you will come through the storm. If we allow faith to come in and replace fear, imagine the adventures we would have?

The 2 of Cups (the present position)

The crows of the Two of cups share the energy of water traveling between two cups and a shared heart. Between them is a caduceus symbolizing a negotiation and partnership. The Two of Cups may represent a new romantic relationship, it may also foretell of a strong, positive business relationship. Both will prove to be balanced, with a unified vision and equal in satisfaction.

The Lovers - (the future)

On the surface this card represents love and unity, however it goes deeper as it also represents karmic passion and soul relationships that span lifetimes. The crows have traveled together through space and time drinking from the same heart, binding them as their veins fill with the same life force, connecting their spirit for eternity.  Together each decision is made as the outcome will forever affect them both. From the person you love to the place you settle down; the Lovers ask that you examine your belief system and use your inner compass when making a decision to join forces with another as there are benefits and consequences that will eventually reveal themselves. 

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