3 Card Spread for Thursday January 4th

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Crow Tarot Card Spread January 4

First can I have to say how happy I am to see the Queen of Wands here...boy with the first two cards - it was looking a little bleak. But what I gather from this spread is that yes there may be times of struggle and depending on where you connect with the first two cards - the end result is one of becoming stronger and achieving a higher standard of living. 

The first card being the 6 of pentacles could indicate that you were the recipient of another's generosity and it is now your time to pay it forward. It may also point to you being the generous one. The second card, the 5 of pentacles shows two crows who have been kicked out of the roost and must go it alone - however they have each other. I take this card to mean that no matter how bad times may get as long as you have family and friends you are never truly poor. Trust me - I feel all too familiar with the 5 of pentacles sometimes!! AH but in the end the Queen arrives and she marks a passage of control, success, and experiencing the finer things in life - my god I love her! 

This is just how I interpret the cards - you may see something totally different. I think that is why I appreciate tarot very much - we all learn a little something about ourselves with every spread.




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