3 Card Spread for Tuesday the 9th

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3 card crow tarot spread

Oh my word - on the surface this spread looks like a nightmare waiting to happen. But because I believe that through dark times is when we grow the most and learn the most I am going to attempt to extract the light here and focus on this spread as a vehicle for change. It's going to be tough...

Being that Temperance is in the past it appears that all started out well... Sure life might have been hectic and there was a lot going on that needed to be managed - but it was done with grace. On the outside everything was calm, even if on the inside there was a frantic energy - at least there was harmony. BUT something has happened and it isn't good. There might have been a betrayal - this may even represent an inner conflict. There is no getting around it, there was a good amount of suffering going on. The silver lining though is that the energy is moving away and what is left is a new found strength to move forward.

There is a warning here however - when you get up after being beaten down, the Devil waiting. He is all too ready to take that new found strength and make sure you second guess yourself every step of the way. He is going to pit your fears and desires against one another and sit back and watch the show. I see this card as a gift of awareness - be on the look out for areas where you let fear keep you in bondage. Maybe it's person who doesn't want to see you succeed - that includes yourself if you have a fear of success. 

The only way to get back into harmony is letting go of the painful past, stare the devil in the face and free yourself.




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