3 Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Saturday Feb 10th

3 Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Saturday Feb 10th

Crow Tarot Spread

Good morning! 

This morning is a beautiful one in Seattle, full of sun, singing birds and flowers springing up - making it the perfect setting for doing my daily 3 card spread.

The initial vibe I get with this spread centers around finding the important component to a happy life - love. 

The crow of the Ten of Pentacles has accumulated wealth and is in a very comfortable place financially. She enjoys all the world has to offer, from good food to the a beautiful garden home. Her friendships are solid and on the surface she emits the energy that her world is perfect. She has it all! However her shadow side knows that even with all the riches and parties with friends, there is an underlying unhappiness due to the one thing she doesn't have. The crow looks into the moon and it is there that she must face the source behind her emotions and anxieties around love. A true loving relationship is the one thing that her salary and status won't help her find. Only when she uncovers her block will the Lovers appear, and when they do it will be a cosmic connection. 

This spread speaks to the person who has it all - the forever bachelor or bachelorette who seems to have the perfect life. They have the fabulous apartment or house, their job takes them all over the globe where they get to meet interesting people. And the parties... Essentially all of their needs are met, except for one, and it's one that throwing money or prestige at the situation won't solve. It  could stem from a fear of getting hurt, or a low self-esteem and the inability to accept that anyone would want to be with them forever.Whatever the cause for this block, it can be resolved. 

The Moon asks that a light be placed on the deep emotions that surround life-long intimate relationships. The Lovers are there waiting, but before they can arrive they need an open heart, free from fear.

Well...just in time for Valentine's Day :-)




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