Celtic Cross Spread

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The Celtic Cross spread is my favorite. I find that I can get a better take on an issue because there is so much more information to draw on. I take the approach of seeing the spread as a whole, each card telling a piece of a story. Sometimes the energy of the spread is obvious and other times the message is more nuanced and I need to look a little deeper at what is going on. Get into a good comfortable space and try it!

Here is a basic summary of each position:

1. The heart of the matter or the issue at hand. It may also indicate the outer forces and how you feel about the situation you are inquiring about.

2. This is the block, the thing that is being a disrupting force. This card may be obvious, or it may be something that has come out of left-field. This card may also represent something you need to pay extra attention to.

3. This card represents the root of the problem. This could be an issue that stems from childhood, or left-over baggage from a past life. The cause of the issue may be something that is part of your shadow that has surfaced. 

4. In the past position, this card is about events or people who might have played an important role but that is fading. It may be something that has come to an end or is now complete.

5. What your goals are and what you are focused on. This could be a vision or idea of a reality you are want to see come into fruition. And because thoughts become things, it may represent something you are worried about. 

6. The near-future that may manifest itself as an event, person, or idea. This card speaks to a important development on your path. 

7. This is you and how you approach situations and your public persona. This could be how you view yourself or how you want others to see you.

8. This card represents the external influences. How others see you or the situation. It may represent the demands that others have put on you.

9. The advice or guidance card, this could come as a warning or as a confirmation of something you already know.  Traditionally, this is the hopes and fears card. I prefer to pull two cards for this position because most of the time I need clarification when interpreting this position. 

10. This is the final outcome. It may also represent a feeling as a result of the final outcome.

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