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crow spread

This morning I created a new spread to go along with the Crow Tarot deck. The Crow spread focuses on the energy each card brings to the position. From the past energy that lingers within us today and plays a role behind the scenes affecting our decisions and how we perceive events to the grounding energy that serves as our connection to our gut instinct - this spread will offer less in the way of "fortune telling" and more of a guide. I believe when we learn to harness our powerful and diverse energy, the future is not  something that happens to us but rather because of us. 

Here is a sample using the cards I pulled this morning.

The Heart Energy / Inner Self: 

This position represents an energy that is serving as a foundation, it may be one that is permanent and represents one's true-nature or an energy that has taken hold of the heart due to life events. This card's energy operates in the background and is tied with the present energy..The heart energy in this spread is one of the Queen of Cups. She is a loving and intuitive mother who is compassionate and brings the energy of healing and self-love. She offers an inner self-soothing that will provide the strength to move through difficult times with grace.  



The Present Energy:

The surrounding energy that creates the mood and sets up future events is the Two of Wands. There is an energy of creation in the air as a spark is being formed by an idea that is destined for success, however to achieve success it will require strength and balance. 

The Energy Holding You Back (or Lacking)

The Queen of Pentacles is a loving self-reliant energy. She is a provider of both physical and mental needs. In this position - she may be bringing too much coddling and not allowing for personal growth. Being that the Queen of Pentacles is a provider, she may be surfacing a fear of not being able to provide for herself or her family. Just as the Heart and Present Energies are connected, the Energy holding that holds us back is connected to our hopes and fears.


The Wheel of Fortune comes as a reminder that time is always moving and we never stay in the same place emotionally. With the good times, bad times will in fact occur -  that is the cycle of life. However, how quickly we turn the wheel during the dark times or how slowly we allow the wheel to turn during the good times is wholly dependent on us. It does not need to be balanced, but in achieving harmony between the two will create a positive flow and allow for a smoother path to a successful outcome. 

The Grounding Energy / Advice

The King of Pentacles arrives with the message to stay focused on the abundance of love and support surrounding us. The energy needed right now is one who has accumulated all their desires. Even if that is not the case at the moment - the energy that attracts success is that of abundance and not lack. The King of Pentacles is charitable and lives in a world of surplus. He is not a stingy bird - his energy is about sharing the wealth. 

The Lesson from The Past

The Page of Cups is a creative crow who can find inspiration pretty much anywhere. She sees the world as a place to explore and to grow from. She is intuitive and listens to her gut - allowing herself to be open to new experiences and ideas. In this position - the message I get is to tap back into that child-like wonder we once possessed and allow ourselves to discover our world through the eyes of a child. 

External Openings or Obstacles

The Four of Cups is a sign of being disconnected from life, there may be a feeling of depression due to things not turning out as expected. The spark is gone and nothing is exciting anymore. This is where the Grounding Energy and the Past Energy come together and when combined they can prove to be most powerful and can light a way, breaking out of the darkness. 

The Possible Future or Outcome

The Nine of Cups shows a proud crow standing a top of a pyramid of cups each over-flowing and abundant. This is a card that represents an active energy. One that manifests success through actively going after it - not by sitting and "hoping" life's riches will fall from the sky. It is when we put into motion our physical selves combined with a strong positive energy that the universe will conspire to assist us in achieving our dreams. When the Nine of Cups appears, be ready to accept all the abundance and joy a wish fulfilled will mean.





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