Crow Spread for Monday Jan 22

Crow Spread for Monday Jan 22

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For today, Monday January 22nd I decided to create a Crow spread - giving a bigger picture for the week ahead. I see there is going to be a need for some soul searching this week as there is a dramatic change / upheaval that is occurring in the heart. This doesn't mean that it is necessarily bad, just different - very different than what has been the status quo. 


The Heart Position:


Deep down change is desired, it may be because of a rut, it may be because there is a feeling of stagnation - what ever it is - the energy being transmitted from the heart is one of discontent. Even if on the surface the face you put on is one of being happy, deep down you desire a change. This position represents the energy that is at the core, the one working behind the scenes. And although the Tower generally represents a time of drastic upheaval, it could in this case represent a deep aching to move into a better place in life. I see this card a sign that there is a crack in the foundation and you are the lightening bolt. 

The Present Energy:

seven of pentacles - crow tarot

There is a protective energy surrounding you and although the swift change you have initiated could lead to a less fortunate path, the Seven of Pentacles offers stability and a sense of comfort during the transition. This crow isn't going to make it easy, however it will set in motion attracting the required work and resources that will help you on your path to success. 

The energy that is holding you back (or lacking):

The savvy skills of the King of Pentacles has led this master manifesting crow to a life of abundance and relaxation. This is the energy that needs to be harnessed to turn the energy created by the tower from one of destruction to one of renewal. His energy is a force to be reckoned with and when utilized, it's power can transform lives. You will find success in what ever you set out to do by recognizing the abundance and the resources that surround you, combined with the desire to put in the work.


Hopes and Fears:

Finding a place of quiet solitude and the ability to take the time to retreat into nature for many of us can seem like a luxury in our busy lives. When in alignment, and your personal energy is in a state of flow, that is when the Hermit energy will open up and you will find that the desire to be able to focus on your spiritual growth will spontaneously begin. 


The Grounding Energy (Advice)

7 of cups - crow tarot

At this moment, there is a disconnection between reality and fantasy, and as a result you are not experiencing the benefits of being grounded. The Seven of Cups is about being dreamy and at times scattered-brained because of too many decisions and thoughts that pull you into different directions. Make time to ground yourself, even if it means going into your backyard, or park - remove your shoes and time just a few moments to connect with the Earth. By reconnecting with your spirit you find that you will be able to contain the flighty Seven of Cups. 


Lesson from the Past:

Remember when the world was yours to explore and new adventures were there for taking - without fear of failure - just for the pure fun of it?  The Three of Wands is calling out to your inner explorer, the fearless kid who would ride their bike for hours, traveling miles away from home, only to return just in time for dinner. This is the energy that is still housed within all of us, the one that enables us to take chances and know what ever the outcome success is measured by the experience not by the destination. To rebuild the tower, to find a life of abundance and security, to get grounded and allow time for spiritual growth - tapping into this energy is essential because it will be the fuel for the others. 


External openings and obstacles:

5 of cups - crow tarot

The Five of Cups is a crow that can't seem to find the good in life. He is consumed by only the negativity and focuses only on areas of his life that are "less than perfect." Because this card is in the position of external energy, it may suggest a strong negative energy has invaded your space. It might be from watching too much news, or maybe it's a relative that loves to gossip about other's misfortunes. What ever it is, it's weighing you down in some capacity and as a result it is making it difficult to find gratitude for all the wonderful, beautiful things that surround you. 


The Final Outcome:

4 of cups

The final outcome, if you keep going without change you risk losing a zest for life that makes each day a gift. Instead, jaded and unimpressed by the world around you, opportunities will simply float by without being noticed and time will simply pass. 


Change is in the air, but what happens and what is created from that spark is a result from either active or stagnant energy - which one becomes more powerful is totally up to us. I see this as a spread of two very different outcomes with one thing in common - The Tower. At the heart of the matter is change. A massive shift is going to happen. Without getting grounded and focusing only on the areas that are lacking or negative the path to depression and discontentment becomes stronger and that energy takes the power. However, I see a solution with the King of Pentacles. This is the energy that is lacking and is essential in creating a positive outcome. When combined with the energies of the past, present, and heart a strong positive energy is created and a current is formed that will cause a ripple affect, allowing for our dreams to manifest. 

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