Crow Tarot 3 Card Spread for Friday Feb 2

Crow Tarot 3 Card Spread for Friday Feb 2

crow tarot spread

The overall color scheme here is that of grey and blue, it's not an outwardly active combo, even with the Knight of Wands. The message I get is to find a place of peace and tap into our inner Zen-master. 

The Knight of Wands brought ideas and pure enthusiasm into the situation. This is a crow that leaps first and hopes for the best. He is also somewhat unprepared. Because the sun is high in the sky there is plenty of time to work out the details, and he charges on. The problem arrives when the enthusiasm and passion becomes depression and lack of focus. The expectations of The Knight have fallen a bit short, or at least all the crow can focus on are the areas where the idea did not fall into place as hoped. As a result he is risking falling into the trap of lack, a trap that will ensure that a feeling of scarcity will only manifest more lack and a loss of the dream that could have been. The King of Cups thankfully arrives with a supportive energy and the advice to go inward. By examining his emotions that are tied to the idea and his vision of success, the crow will find a light that will help him see the resources he has to help his situation move into a positive direction.

I think for many of us, especially us creative types - we get into the cycle of having a great idea, building it up in our heads and then when the plan doesn't work out as quickly or as positively as we had hoped, we toss the idea aside and consider it a failure. In reality, even if the idea was a flop, being able to do a self-check on the emotions that we brought to the situation will help us uncover any self-sabotaging beliefs that will need to be worked through to ensure success in the future. 

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