Crow Tarot 3 Card Spread - Sunday Jan 28th

crow tarot

The Knight of Cups and the Ace of Wands come together to create a bubble of a harmonious and supportive energy around the Lovers. And - yes that would be lovely sign for a relationship - but the vibe I get with this one is of a life choice, a big one.

The creative, confident and intuitive knight allows his heart to dictate the path and in doing so allows him to be open to not only experiencing the wonders of the world but also taking a role in creating them. He is bringing into life the ideas that were sparked by the Page of Cups and into this spread the energy he carries is one of developing dreams into reality. However he is a creative thinker and can become lost in fantasy if his intuition and creativity get out of balance. 

The Lovers, at the center represent a crossroads and an important life decision that will have a major impact on a life's journey. The Knight of Cups has put into motion a creative path that allows for dreams to become clear and attainable, however the choice to risky and fear has planted the seed of doubt, making the crows of The Lovers second guess their dream. What if they fail and are left with nothing. On the other hand if they follow the Knight it might lead down a path to a life fulfilled, a fantasy come true. 

The Ace of Wands arrives with a clear message to take what has sprouted from the knight and plant it without delay  - because it will grow and with it the dreams of the Knight of Cups come to be. The time to make the decision is now and the Lovers need to embrace the gifts of the Knight of Cups.  

As someone who quit her office job a couple of years ago to take a chance on a creative life - this spread resonates with me. IF you go into the office every day, stare at your monitor blankly because the only thing you can focus on is the dream of being an artist, writer, chef - whatever your dream is... this is the spread for you! Follow your gut - because you were not put here to be miserable, or end each day not caring about the thing you do for 8+ hours of it.  Yours is a light that shines bright - keep it that way :-)

A former co-worker forwarded me this Tedtalk "How to Find Work You Love" when I started "dreaming" - maybe you will find it inspiring as well.





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