Crow Tarot # Card Spread for Sunday Feb 18th

Crow Tarot # Card Spread for Sunday Feb 18th

Crow Tarot Spread

Good morning! 

Well, it looks like we have a royal visit today! Not the most fun couple, but they are helpful! I see these two as the successful aunt and uncle who will help you solve your problems through logical tried and true measures but don't look to them to help heal any emotional wounds. 

The crow of the Ace of Pentacles peers across the sky, above the clouds it has a clear view of the mountains in the distance. This crow is ready to take on a new opportunity and has the vision to take an idea and transform it into a reality. The King of Swords arrives to ensure that a clear logical approach is implemented. The King brings the skills to keep the path free from obstacles ensuring that the Ace of Pentacles can move ahead freely. The Queen arrives to remove any emotions so that the path is solid and free from any trappings of feelings of insecurity or self-doubt. When the crow of the Ace of Pentacles uses its intellect and rational mind, the formula for success becomes clearly available. 

The Ace of Pentacles is the law of attraction card. The first step to manifesting is being able to clearly see what it is that you wish to attain. From a new job to a new house to a new relationship, the Ace of Pentacles brings the ability to feel that thing and experience it internally as though it has already come to be. This is essential. Everything we want is there waiting for us, we just need to believe that it is ours - by doing so we clear the path.

The energy of the King of Swords is one of swift intellect. He is a problem solver and can cut through the fog. His approach to each problem is to solve it as if it was a puzzle. He is meticulous in thought and action.

The Queen arrives, who like the King is also very logical. She is a facts only kind of bird. If you bring her self-doubt or worry she is going to ask for proof of why these emotions exist. If you feel like you don't deserve to be in a loving relationship, or deserve a life of abundance, she is going to lay out the facts - removing any and all emotion. 

The Ace of Pentacles sets the course for success in all that we desire by allowing a clear vision. The King arrives to ensure that there is an organized and logical approach to the situation ensuring that obstacles are cleared by use of a clear mind. This may be a strong logical person or mentor who can assist. The Queen who feels absolutely no emotion either way and is only interested in the facts will allow only those to pass through. It is important during this time to ensure that you believe in your heart that you are worthy of all you wish to succeed. The facts are very simple here - If you believe you achieve it, you are right and if you believe you can't achieve that thing you want, you are also right.  It's totally up to you to use the resources around you to keep the path clear. 

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