Crow Tarot Three Card Reading for Wednesday March 21st

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Crow Tarot

Good morning! 

The crows are coming together this morning to inspire us to develop our most important personal power, the one that came with us when we incarnated - childlike wonder and joy! When this energy is combined with our inner-strength that is when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to accept a new relationship.

The crow of the Six of Cups takes a break from the commotion in the sky to visit a place from its youth. It is here that it remembers a life full of hopes and dreams in the making. It was a simpler time where the crow would spend hours in play, learning how to fly, and dreaming of far-off adventures. This card is a great reminder to connect with your inner-child. Find a moment to connect with something silly and fun - the best way I find to accomplish this is to spend time with my daughter just being silly. It is amazing the feeling that washes over you when you forget all the worries of being an adult for just a moment and lean into the wonder of the world around us! I think there is magic there :-)

On the opposite side of the Six of Cups is Strength - the crow of the Strength card has mastered its emotions and stands in grace as it is confident in its ability to handle any situation with a calm certitude. It doesn't need to caw about to get those around her to listen or to do what she wants - she has this presence that commands attention without saying a word. This energy comes through when we feel totally and completely comfortable in our skin. 

Being supported by the fun whimsical Six of Cups and the strong personal power of Strength the Two of Cups finds a relationship that is supported by a youthful energy, yet at the same time is mature and secure. Having this combination makes for a long mutually supported relationship that is full of adventure, where both parties come together as a unit. 

This spread tells me that to key to finding a fulfilling relationship, one that is as much about the physical attraction as it is the mental we need to have the personal strength to allow ourselves to be child-like at times - to explore the world and be open to new possibilities and that includes people. Remember when we were kids and the world was fresh and we explored without bias? Maybe you were like me and on weekends would get on your bike and ride for hours - miles away from home exploring the world, meeting new kids and finding adventure. Ok, I grew up in the 80's long before cable news made everyone feel scared and we were a bit more free to run amuck. But its that kind of energy the Six of Cups is calling for today. So if you are looking to find a new relationship, one that is solid and mutually rewarded as in the Two of Cups - perhaps do something different on your lunch break this week - maybe go for a walk or try a new restaurant, do something that will rekindle that feeling of adventure by breaking out of your normal routine. AND do it with a knowing that you are strong and capable of handling any situation with grace. The Strength card is there to back you up and provide that extra support you need - allow yourself some joy and connect with someone new! 



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