Crow Tarot Three Card Reading - Tuesday March 20th

Crow Tarot Three Card Reading - Tuesday March 20th

Crow Tarot

Good morning! 

It is a lovely and SUNNY first day of Spring here in Seattle - making it a great day to get outside for the daily reading! 

The vibe I get here is combining the energies of the King of Wands and the Emperor to claim our purpose and tame our wild misguided beliefs that hold us back from transitioning. 

The crow of the King of Wands is vibrant and passionate, it is a masculine fiery energy that takes an existing idea and accelerates the path to success. This bird relishes in solving problems because it sparks the creative side of its brain that desires a good challenge. The energy around this card is that of confidence and transformation. Whether it be an external project or idea that you want to see come to fruition or an internal project such as working on developing your inner-core or spiritual self - this bird will help you get there. 

The King of Wands is facing the Emperor who is looking back at him, this tells me that the energies here are not opposing each other but rather working together for a common goal. The Emperor also brings a fiery energy to the party, however, this masculine force is more reserved than the King and uses his sharp mind to determine the best course of action. Although a bit rigid at times, the energy here is one of getting the job done through well-thought out and methodical processes. When these two energies are combined they make a powerhouse that can create a massive change to whatever they set their sight on.

The transformation that is formed by pulling together the King of Wands and Emperor is that of the Nine of Pentacles. It is here that the crow has discovered its inner-strength. Feelings of insecurity have been replaced with confidence, lack has become an abundance of resources. The crow can now comfortably bask in the sun as it has moved to a better place - physically and spiritually. 

Here is the thing - the path to reaching the comfortable spot of the Nine of Pentacles takes work, not just the physical labor but also the inner-work. The King of Wands is here to help - that is what it loves to do and is really good at it. Let this energy come in and do its magic as the confidence it instills within us is a game changer. The King is a visionary and when we channel this energy the ability to see the big picture comes into view. This is where the logical, level-headed, at times task-master Emperor plays an important role. It is one thing to have a romantic view of the future and to see the big picture, it is another to be able to implement the steps to get there. The message from this spread is: If you make the effort to develop your confidence and allow yourself to feel worthy of the big stuff - AND do the work it takes to get there - a major transformation for the better will occur and you will be sitting pretty in the Sun (maybe not on top of a wolf) :-) 

Spring is about transformation and a fresh start - this spread is all about that! Take this first day of Spring to make some goals. Be creative, have confidence- I know that each and every one of us can achieve whatever it is that we set out minds and hearts to - so it is already there within us we just need to let the Emperor keep us on track! 




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