Crow Tarot's crow spread for Friday Jan 26

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crow tarot spread

Today I decided to do a more detailed spread for going into the weekend. At first glance - the energy here is strong and positive. There are some areas that need to be on the look out for, but for anyone who is working hard towards a goal, whether it is keeping a New Year resolution, finding a job, or whatever it is that makes your heart sing... I see a lot of potential in this spread to learn about your strengths and areas of weakness that may need to be resolved that will make what ever is in your heart a success. 

The Heart Position:

The energy that is dictating this spread is the The Wheel of Fortune. The three crows in the center represent our need to go inward in order to get the wheel to spin. This is a positive time right now, but the wheel does turn and how quickly it moves through the rough patches is dependent on the energy of the inward crows. 

The Present Energy Position:

The Six of Cups is the card of going back to your hometown, or revisiting places (or feelings) that bring about fond memories of childhood. Perhaps there is a feeling being homesick or a need to step away from a current situation to  recharge your batteries? The present energy here is nostalgic. Lean into this emotion and feel comforted.


The Energy Holding You Back:

The inability to focus on the good things in life is the energy that will have a direct impact on where the Wheel of Fortunes turns to. When we only see the lack in our lives we are unable to appreciate or feel grateful for all that we have or have accomplished. This card serves as a reminder that we can control the Wheel of Fortune by directing our energy into the direction we want it to spin. The 5 of Cups shows the crow only looking at what she lost and not what she has, right behind her. The full cups may not necessarily mean wealth, it could mean friends that are being taken for granted, or an opportunity that is being wasted. With the Star being in the External Influences position, I would pay close attention to those around you who genuinely wish for nothing more than our success, as they will provide the positive energy to keep the Wheel where you want it. 

Hopes and Fears:

The Sun card has an amazing amount of light energy and with it luck. As a "hope", the Sun is the energy that is the underlying emotion you have towards the situation. Having a positive vision of the future and allowing that to shine brightly will help dissolve any negative feelings that may try to infiltrate your mind. As quickly as the negative emotions try to manifest as roadblocks along your path, the light from the sun will quickly wash them away.  It is important to keep the sun burning bright by staying positive, doing so will provide a comforting place for the crows within the Wheel of Fortune.

Grounding Energy/Advice

The Ten of Wands warns of biting off more than you can chew and falling into the trap of worry and self-doubt. Although this task is hard and it will take every bit of energy you have, this bird stays in the air and gets off the ground. In this position, the Ten of Wands asks that you take a realistic look at the situation at hand and draw upon the positive surrounding energy to help lighten the load. 

Past Energy:

There was once a time when you needed to dig deep and pull out an attitude of grace under pressure. You had the ability to command a situation with skill, intelligence and an air of royalty. That experience was pivotal in your life as it allowed you to feel the energy of Strength, not muscley strength but deep down to your core strength. This is the time to go back and recall how that felt and channel the energy into the present in order to remove any blocks. 

External Forces / Obstacles

Surrounding you is The Star. She lights the way to success and washes away any negativity surrounding your situation. This may be a good friend who is your cheerleader in life. It may be person who is actively doing everything in their power to help you find your dream job. You will know this person - they will radiate a true desire to help you succeed. Don't take this person for granted to allow your ego to over-shadow their contribution. This is a star that needs to remain bright in the sky for you to find your way.


The Future/Outcome:

The Knight of Swords rushes in, full of energy and ideas. He is a force to be reckoned with and he is determined to reach his destination. This is an energy of fast paced forward motion. No longer feeling weighted down like the Ten of Wands, with the Sun at his back and the Star lighting the way - he is firmly soaring through the air and unstoppable. However, he does bring a warning - don't allow speed to lead to recklessness - slow down just a little and ensure that you pay attention to details.  


We all too often forget that our path to success is not ours alone, we have help along the way! Give your bestie or besties a good hug this weekend and let them know you appreciate all that they do! 

Cheers and in case you don't know - I am grateful for you! Thank you <3


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