Excerpt from The Crow's Journey (The Magician)

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crow tarot - the magician

A flash of light from a powerful charge ignited fiery energy and a bright beam rippled through the night sky startling the crow and throwing it off the log into spontaneous flight. Unable to chart the landscape through the darkness and with a blurred vision from the blast the fledgling tried with all its strength to see, but it could only focus on a narrow sliver of land that seemed to glow off in the distance.

Flying blind and unsure of where it was or how long it spent in the air, the crow flew until the tip of the Sun began to emerge illuminating the sky and lining the jagged edges of a far-off mountain range. It circled the ground several times gently lowering itself as its vision was still narrow and could not be sure landing was safe. It was there at that moment of slowly rotating and inspecting the land below for clues did the fledgling see the one thing it had hoped, what it longed to find for some time; another crow came into focus.  

Caw Caw Caw it called out circling the black dot of a bird below. There was no response. Caw Caw Caw it called a little louder, expecting an answer. Again, there was no response. The crow on the ground could not be bothered by the incessant sounds above and paid no attention to the fledgling circling overhead.

Busy methodically picking up stones one at a time in its beak flipping them out of the way; the crow on the ground focused on its work.

The curious fledgling landed on a branch low enough for the bird on the ground to finally take notice, yet high enough in the event a quick escape proved necessary. Tilting its head to the left and then to the right the young crow examined the careful work being done on the ground below.

Spitting out a rock, the crow on the ground looked up at the fledgling. "You need help, that is why I came to you."

"Came to me? I came here because of the light; it pulled me through the dark sky. Who are you?" The crow called down.

"I am light. I am energy. I am a creator, and I am a reflection of you, but you may call me the Magician." The crow on the ground almost appeared to give a sly smile, giving the young bird in the tree a slightly uneasy feeling.

"Come down." Standing in the center circle surrounded by little stones, the Magician called out to the fledgling.

Hop. Hop. The young crow paced on the branch. It vacillated between excitement and fear. Finally another, a kindred spirit, I am not alone, the fledgling thought, After giving in to the desire to connect with another bird it cautiously landed in front of the Magician. Hop. Hop. It backed up. They looked at each other shifting from the right eye to the left, heads tilting in synchronicity from side to side, slowly moving around each other within the circle.

The pink and orange rays of the new day Sun bounced across their feathers, creating a bright iridescent field of overlapping greens, blues and purples. In their dance, they became washed in an Aurora Borealis-like mist that drifted to the ground. The fledgling and the Magician now at complete ease with each other's presence relaxed.

The fledgling watched with curiosity as the Magician spread its vast black wings and flapped, pulling and pushing the air in rhythmic motion, as it centered its attention on the ground until the two birds stood at the core of a twisting energy filled tunnel of dirt and sand. The Magician extended its strong glistening wings further still till the tips extended past the rock boundary of the circle, and called upon the rain to fall from the sky.

Both crows soon found themselves covered by mud.

"Can you feel the earth, air, and water come together baking in the fire of the Sun?"  The Magician asked as the young bird stood immobilized by the hardening clay, wanting to nod "yes."

The fledgling relaxed its wings, the combination of the elements against its body felt warm and comforting, as if it was back in the nest nuzzling against its mother. Under the layers of mud and feathers, its heart flushed warm blood throughout its veins, and for a brief moment, it returned "home."

Shutting its eyes, it leaned into the experience, feeling the soft layer of moss and leaves that protected its soft young body from the scratchy twigs. The sounds of clucking permeated its mind, echoing within the space between feather and mud. The heat from the Sun caressed its beak as if it were the touch of being fed.

"I want to feel this way all the time. I want love and family. I want to feel the security and safety that I feel right now in this mud." The fledgling whispered through a tiny air hole that formed next to its beak.

As the hours passed and the Sun rose higher in the sky, the warm, comforting mud began to dry so much that sheets started falling off the birds and returned to the ground restored as the dry dirt it was.

"It's gone." The fledgling said in a hushed mournful tone as it brushed its wings with its beak and shook its body allowing the last bit of dry clumped dirt to fall around its feet.

"Is it?" The Magician asked. "You can not shake a feeling that strong off your back. It is a powerful magic that now runs through your heart infusing each vein with the desire, with passion. It is time to begin your journey as you now possess the only compass you need to find your way home."

The Magician rose into the air with an effortless motion until it appeared to merge with the brilliant light of the Sun, disappearing from view. 

The young crow stood there within the circle energized with hope and a knowing that its family was out there waiting for it to return. With a quick and determined flap of its wings, it lifted its body up and took to the skies soaring towards the mountains. 


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