General 3 Card Crow Tarot Reading for Tuesday April 3rd

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crow tarot reading

Good morning! 

You have made it through some pretty tough times, and if there is any struggle happening today, know that you can handle it - it may take going inward and examining the situation from a soulful perspective, but the message I get here is don't let frustration get in the way of your progress.

The crow of the Ten of Swords faced a painful and bitter end.

Unfortunately, we all will encounter at some point or another (and to varying degrees) heartbreaking events that will sting, or cause us to feel an internal pain brought on by the selfish act of another. Although it may not seem possible during the experience as the suffering can be blinding - it is because of the Ten of Swords we are given an opportunity to learn and grow - and the result of that piercing pain is a powerful strength that we can then call upon and pull up from the depths when it is needed in the future.

In the past position, the Ten of Swords represents just that - an event that happened in the past that will enable you to draw upon the lessons learned and the strength it left in its wake today. You are stronger, more resilient because of it, and although while going through this painful time seemed like more than you could endure, it made you who you are today.  

With all but one task completed the crow of the Nine of Wands has hit a wall and has become frustrated. Although things were moving along swimmingly, they seemed to have hit a snag and what should be an easy task to complete has unraveled into a series of mishaps and setbacks. 

In the present position, this Nine of Wands represents a task bigger than you probably realize, because your bar is so high. To someone with less understanding, what you are trying to accomplish is monumental, however, for you, it is just a task, something that you expect yourself to be able to manage with relative ease - this is where the frustration enters. You have been able to do so much, and have taken on so much that this last little task is beginning to wear on your self-esteem as you focus on only what is challenging you right now at this moment and not what you have already accomplished. 

On a branch the crow sits, staring up at the Moon, it wants validation as it expects to see a reflection of who it believes it is to appear - but the Moon is not here to serve our egos, it is here to show us who we are, who we really are, because it is from this place of understanding that true growth happens. It is here that the crow must face its dark side - the part of itself that harbors shame and guilt, the part of itself that it doesn't want anyone to know exists. However, when it can't be contained any longer when the cage door is open, the shadow emerges, like a wild animal unable to control itself. The Moon asks us to dive in and explore our feelings, our true feelings. Get to know your inner wild beast, it is from this place that you will be able to tame it.

The Moon is asking you here to take the time to examine what exactly is blocking you, what is preventing the progress of the Nine of Wands? Look back at the painful event of the Ten of Swords, was a seed of doubt planted in your head at this time, one that now has deep roots? When you are able to find and resolve the source of your block, the last task will be completed with ease. With the Moon in this position, you will find that creative ideas and solutions will pop into your head, these thoughts are there to serve you as they will help you resolve any past issues.

Now is a great time to pay attention to your dreams and your intuition! 



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  • Thank you for the daily’s. All very interesting and usually right on the money!

    Cynthia on

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