General 3 Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday April 5th

General 3 Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday April 5th

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Good morning,

The message today I get from this spread is to not let the pain of the past keep you from experiencing the joy of today. 

"The wound is the place where the light enters you." Rumi

Watching its companion fly away, the devastated crow stands on a sword, one of three piercing a heart. The pain is almost unbearable as in this moment the crow can only focus its attention on its own suffering. The Three of Swords surfaces today as a reminder of a past sorrow, one that laid the foundation for the situation today. It may be an inability to allow a wound to heal, or a heart that has grown hard from suffering and holding on to feelings of anger. The event may have occurred in the past, and it may have been very far back in the past, but it still has you feeling the sting of the swords, whether or not you want to admit it. 

The crow listens to the chatty and charismatic fish as it weaves a story of love and hope. There is a young eagerness energy to this bird as it soaks in the words of the fish, becoming more and more enamored with every syllable.  The Page of Cups asks that you experience the love around you by allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to let it in. If you are feeling a deep connection to someone, but have kept them at bay - the Page of Cups is here to help you connect with a soulmate as the energy at this time is magnetic. You will feel as if you are drawn to this person, however, it is important to allow the energy to do its work and to allow the pain of the Three of Swords to not break the connection. It may be necessary to confront the pain from any past events so that healing can take place and weaken its power or control over you.

Inside the victory circle, is a dancing crow, it has reached a place in time of pure happiness. The World brings the message to have hope, to not give up on your dream and that true happiness can be achieved with time and healing.  You may have questioned if you were ever meant to love again, or if there will ever be an opportunity to feel a soul-connection with another - the World brings a strong message to not give up on others or yourself as there is a karmic relationship waiting for you to arrive - you just need to make the journey. 





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