General Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday November 4th

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Good morning!

To feel secure financially it is going to take some effort. For 99% of us - who were not born with a trust fund the level of financial comfort we obtain is usually the result of working - how hard, however, is up to us.

The crow calculated what it was going to take to ensure that her young ones would have the freedom to grow without worrying about their immediate needs for survival needs. Each day she invested her time and energy into creating a warm comfortable place to thrive - and in the end, her fledglings felt secure in their world.

The Seven of Pentacles indicates that the foundation for your current situation is one of not worrying about survival - your needs were met easily either by a job that enabled you to pay your bills without stressing out or you grew up in a family where it was a given that food would be on the table and clothes would be on your back. This doesn't equate wealth or whether or not you came from a loving family - the Seven of Pentacles simply removes the energy that comes from a fear of lack or scarcity so that you can direct your attention on other matters instead of surviving. 

It is because of this period in your life that were able to "relax" and focus on new ways to earn a living and enjoy life - the energy of feeling secure enabled you to allow for new opportunities to manifest and helped you develop into the person you are today.

And because of this - at the center of today's reading is the Ace of Pentacles.

The crow sits on a pentacle in a garden where spring flowers bloom all around it. From its position, the crow can see beyond the clouds to new destinations where the sky is clear. It is from this place the bird is able to choose the path that will prove to be most rewarding. 

When your needs are met and life is moving along comfortably that is when you are able to direct your attention towards following through on new ideas as your ability to see a better future is not clouded by fear or worry. 

This is the time to focus on what it is you want in your life - you are in a place where you can afford to spend time exploring new options and opportunities because you have created a safety-net of sorts that lets you aim higher than you may have been comfortable doing in the past. 

When you combine the grounded and secure energy that comes from the Seven of Pentacles with the abundance building energy of the Ace of Pentacles you will create the perfect recipe for manifesting an opportunity that will bring overall wealth to your life - financially and emotionally. This will bring in a time of feeling a sense of complete satisfaction all around. Your health will be better off as you will have the financial resources to manage any issues. Relationships may improve as a result of losing the stress that comes from anxiety over bills. You will be able to enjoy life fully.

However - it ain't going to be easy.

From the sky, the crow spotted a new treasure that it absolutely had to have - there was nothing that was going to stop it from swooping down and taking it! The bird dove down grabbed the string holding the wands together and was quickly yanked back by the weight. Although startled - the bird attempted to lift the bundle, again and again, it was pulled down. The bird tried again learning from its last effort and with time the crow figured out how best to position itself in order to gain the leverage needed to get the wands in the air. 

The Ten of Wands comes through this morning as a message - if you really want something, it may take some different approaches to get your idea off the ground - don't be deterred. The reward, in the end, will be worth the effort. 

When you use your time and resources to deconstruct the situation you will find it may be easier to manage. Maybe break down the load into manageable pieces? How you plan today will have an impact on how heavy the load will be in the future. 

"Life is hard. After all, it kills you." ~ Katharine Hepburn



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