General Thee Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday April 12th

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Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

Thanks to a decision, one that required a major shift to move forward, you have reached a place of contentment - however, in this place, there is a tendency to fall into the trap of laziness - the choice is yours stay put or reach for something greater.

The Knight of Wands came rushing in determined to take an idea to the furthest most successful level it could go. This energetic crow brought a youthful enthusiasm to the situation and because of its raw passion and drive, it may have overlooked a few things along the way, but learned how to swiftly navigate any obstacles - a much-needed skill when working at a breakneck pace.

The Knight of Wands arrives today as a reminder of the bold steps you took in the past, and how your drive and determination led you to this place today. With any success, you can trace back the root - that point in time when you decided to go for it. In the past position, the Knight reflects a time that you took a chance on an idea, without worry or fear of failing because your enthusiasm was too strong to slow down or take the time to weigh any consequences.

The decisions of the past paid off as the Ten of Pentacles is at the center and heart of the spread. The crows of the Ten of Pentacles have all their needs met, there is plenty of food and shelter - they have the company of each other and a beautiful surrounding to call home. After a good amount of work and effort, they have finally found a place to rest in comfort.

The Ten of Pentacles marks this present moment where you are able to take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor as you earned your break for rest and relaxation. The hard work of the past has paid off however, this lifestyle can be seductive and after reaching success it is easy to lose sight of that thing that drives you and fall into a place of complacency. The real risk here is losing goals or motivation to do much of anything - and becoming a blob. The message the Ten of Pentacles is bringing is one of using your success to ignite further passions, to enjoy your place in the sun, and allow the energy to soak in so it moves you into action. 

The crow balances with intent focus so as to not make a misstep as the swords are sharp and any wrong move may leave her in a place of pain. She is careful in her approach as her indecision is stoked by fear. 

The Two of Swords brings the message that the decision to take a chance, to go after a new dream, or to become a couch-potato is solely in your hands. You have the ability to create the outcome you desire - the key is getting real with yourself about what you want. 

The vibe I get here is to take the blindfold off and see all the opportunities that are available to you because of the success you have already achieved. You may be in a financial position now to take a risk on something bigger that will lead to a long-term gain and prove to be far more rewarding than the garden of the Ten of Pentacles.




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