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General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading

crow tarot reading

Good morning!

A flight of fancy may have led you to where you are today, and although letting things just play out was right in the past - today calls for a more organized approach. When you plan your future and put into action each step with methodical precision, you will discover true independence.

Although the young fledgling knew how to fly it hopped on a log as it floated down a river. When the wood began to roll a bit, the crow stayed firmly planted - digging its claws into the bark. When the log started to bounce a bit - the bird resisted the urge to leap into the air. The crow watched as the landscape slowly passed by and although it could have easily flown ahead to see what was coming - it didn't - the bird instead patiently let the river be the storyteller. For this bird, the journey and what it learned along the way was just as remarkable as the destination.

The Fool comes forward this morning because your current situation began with a leap of faith. You may not have known what to expect - or cared for that matter as you jumped in with little to no expectations other than the experience would prove to be worth the risk.

It may have started with a tug - the kind you feel deep down in your gut that steered you in a direction and although your logical mind may have come up with a myriad of accuses why you should hold back - you let them go and took a "wait and see" attitude. At the time - it felt like the right thing to do.

This may have been going after a dream job or perhaps asking someone out of a date who you had admired for some time. When you let go of your attachment to the outcome and let events unfold naturally, you didn't get in your own way - things progressed as they were meant to.

The strong muscular crow was born with a steely determination and a drive to complete tasks, one that helps keep the bird focused with laser precision on its work. Slow and methodical the bird takes on the energy of a workhorse and although at times exhausted by the seemingly endless slew of chores the crow tirelessly moves forward toward its goal.

Although it was an act of faith that got you to where you are today - for you to fully realize the potential that lays before you - for you to achieve a level of success that is in a new and unchartered territory some work is going to need to be done.

It's time to get serious.

Just like an architect who desires to construct a timeless building, there is much planning needed as well as the ability to resist distractions or the temptation for short-cuts that will inevitably be time wasters before the structure becomes a reality.

When you are able to see the big picture - not just the windows or the doors - the whole building and create an action plan to bring that picture into reality the Knight of Pentacles will be there to support you as you will have the energy to take on each task as it comes.

Because this energy is slow and methodical progress will be steady - it may not happen as quickly as you like at times, but you will continue to move forward. The energy of the Fool is traveling with you as the journey is not over - have faith you will reach a successful end.

Using her keen intellect and a desire to show off her uniqueness the regal crow claimed her spot on the tastefully embellished throne. Her high standards and a taste for only the best solidified her position within her territory as an expert on all the finer things in life.

The Queen of Swords comes forward to aid you in discovering your unique voice. This energy will help you stand apart from the competition by supporting your confidence to be a non-conformist - here it is you will shine as you will not sit in anyone's shadow.

You made your plan, and although you may have gone against the grain here and there your sharp wit and determination together keep you progressing toward your goal without much consideration for the opinions of others.

Emotion will play little if any role in tackling tasks as the Queen of Swords and the Knight of Pentacles work together - it is business not personal, and there will be a matter-of-factness in regards to getting things done. With this duo working together the vision for success is not cloudy or but is in the distance and although its all about work right now - there will be plenty of time for celebrating and expressing emotions later.



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