General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - August 5th

crow tarot reading

Good morning!

The energy is a bit muted this morning as there isn't much volatility in the cards today - making it a good day to focus on the week ahead and catch up on some much-needed inner-connecting time.

The crow stares up at the moon looking for validation - but instead, the moon projects the wild uncontrollable aspects of its personality he tries to suppress. Although alarming at first, once the crow allows it's shadow-self to come into the light it is able to accept himself as a complete creature without judgment or shame - and because of this the wild side no longer needs a cage - it is tamed.

It's often the part of people we detest the most that we ourselves know resides within our own personality and because we fear judgment - the same judgment we cast on to others we often strong arm any desire to behave in such a fashion to stay down, buried underneath our perception of proper behavior. That is of course until the worst possible moment when then it comes rushing to the surface like a tidal wave - leaving you hung out to dry. 

For example, the person who scoffs at braggarts only to find him or herself over-selling themselves to the point of absurdity at an important job interview.

 In the past position, the Moon indicates that your current situation is benefiting from a place of clarity as a result of accepting and learning from the parts of your personality that you had once tried to ignore. Whether it be a better understanding of your "judgment" triggers or situations that lead to a shame spiral, you are now able to tame the emotions that once led to your shadow-self sabotaging your progress.

The crow swoops down and lands on the large pentacle in a field of freshly blooming spring flowers. In the distance, as the clouds part, a mountain denoting a new opportunity comes into view.  

At the heart of today's reading is the Ace of Pentacles and with this energy comes a steady feeling of financial security. You are able to create the life you wish to live merely by focusing your intention on where you want to go to achieve a clear vision of the steps or path forward.

The Moon in the past helps you remove any friction and brings a feeling of wholeness to your current situation and when combined with the Ace of Pentacles this indicates a time of peace and tranquility. As a result of becoming more comfortable living your story as a whole - your truth - you will find you waste less energy on hiding your dark side and have more energy to use for manifesting the life you wish to live. 

The crow noticing several swords on the ground that were left for the most part unattended and takes advantage of this opportunity. Although not a complete success, the bird flies off with more swords than it started with and chalks its efforts up as a win. 

The Seven of Swords indicates that you are going to need to be a bit cunning in the near future to ensure that you end up on top or in a better position. Perhaps you are in the market to buy a car or a new home, this energy will serve you well during this time as you will be the one with the advantage. 

The Moon energy will allow you to let loose that trickster side of you without fear of shame or self-criticism in order to end up as the victor when the situation that centers around Seven of Swords arrives - in addition with the Ace of Pentacles providing the dominant energy, you may not get everything you wish, but overall it will be a financial success. 

"Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing." ~ Abraham Lincoln



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