General three card Crow Tarot reading for Monday April 2nd

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Crow Tarot spread

Good morning! 

We start this week off in a positive place, one where we find the victories of the past have paved a way to prosperity and security today - the message though is to not become complacent, there may be some work ahead - by finding creative solutions to disperse the load, all will work out for the best. 

The crow of the Six of Wands has found its place in the victory circle. It is here that it is looked upon favorably by those who watched it progress. With the Six of Wands in the past position, this suggests that an accomplishment of the past has had a direct impact on where you are today. This victory, the recognition it awarded you and the confidence inspired because of it, opened the door to a present opportunity. 

In a lush abundant garden, one that offers the essentials of life and more, the crows have found an ideal environment.  However, the question is - is this Utopia or have they put themselves in a prison of sorts - closed off from the world around them? In the present position, the Ten of Pentacles asks you to evaluate your current situation, has your new found security helped you create a more prosperous life or have you become a prisoner of your wealth, unable to truly enjoy it? It may be that the job you took pays a great salary, however, the amount of effort it takes leaves you exhausted at the end of the day - sure you now have the money to purchase the finer things in life - but not the time to enjoy them.

This leads to the Ten of Wands and a crow who wants it all, but the burden is heavy and it has become weak as it tries to carry it all. In the future position, the Ten of Wands suggests that this burden of keeping up appearances and doing what it takes to maintain the standard of living that you have grown accustomed to will take its toll. The message here is to learn how to diversify create additional income streams, so that abundance can enter your life without as much effort. In addition, it will take the stress away from the primary source of income. It may mean turning a hobby, one that brings you joy (that is essential) into a small "on-the-side" business. Perhaps you have the ability to convert a space in your home into an Airbnb? It could be as simple as pairing up with other parents to ease the burden of daycare or after-school care expenses. The Ten of Wands brings the message to take the weight off your shoulders, lighten your load - you will still be able to have it all, but you will need to be creative.

A friend of mine posted an article from this site that listed ways to find additional sources of income - some are a bit out-there but there were some good ideas!  This site seems fitting for today's spread :-)

Blessed Be! 



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