General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Sunday April 1st

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Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

Today's reading tells the story of a strong love, a karmic one that has reached a point where things are now challenging. However, the message here is to have faith as this is the kind of bond that can withstand any storm.

The crows of the Two of Cups share a heart - their relationship is one that was bond many lifetimes ago and although they may have traveled separately in the past - they always remained connected. It was the strength of this bond that was like a magnetic pull as they were pulled together in this lifetime. Their relationship at first was not a romantic one, it was built on friendship and an inner-knowing that they were there for each other, to learn, to grow, and to create something magical. In the past position, this card reflects a relationship that came together effortlessly as if you had known the person your entire life - because you have and for many lifetimes before this one. It may not have started off as romantic, but eventually, it did lead to it.

This is where the Lovers comes in as it amplifies the Two of Cups and moves the relationship into a stronger place, one where each is committed to the other. The Lovers work together in unison, every decision that is made has an impact on the birds and because of this, they work together as a team. In the present position, the Lovers brings the message that there is be a transition- or a next step in your relationship. You may not even be aware of it, but it will all come clear once it happens. It may be a past relationship reappears in the very near future and you instantly fall back together, as if no time had passed.  

The crows of the Five of Pentacles tells of two stories. There are the crows that are happily roosted in the tree - they are safe and warm, protected from the elements. Then there are the crows on the ground who are less fortunate as they must hop along, unable to fly. Their only solace is that despite being wounded - they have each other and it is that bond that helps them get through the storm. In the future position, the Five of Pentacles is a reminder that there will always be challenges in life and if we are lucky enough to have a someone with us during these difficult times, a true partner - then any difficulty can be overcome as these two unfortunate birds will eventually find their place back in the safe and secure tree. 

The energy around this spread is one of strength and unity - of allowing each partner to be vulnerable and growing from a place of support and empathy. It is from building up this "relationship" muscle that when the time comes - and they always do - nothing is ever perfect at all times - but when we have a relationship that is solid and mutually supported as each partner brings an important and vital skill to the relationship - that is when the time spent on the ground, wounded is minimal and the flight back to a safe and secure roost is swift.  




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