General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Thursday May 17th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Thursday May 17th

Crow Tarot reading

Good morning!

Let the healing begin - because there are adventures and new beginnings waiting for us as soon as we are ready to move beyond the disappointment or grief that consumes us today.

The crow of the Nine of Pentacles has all the material needs it could want and because of this, it is in complete control of any inner fear caused by lack and scarcity.  It is because of the material possessions that the world is open to this bird as it has the resources to go anywhere and become anything it wishes. Money is not this bird's problem.

In the past position, the Nine of Pentacles comes through this morning as a reminder of our childhood or a period of time where our material needs were taken care -  there was no sense of insecurity or feelings of scarcity during this time - you had a comfortable place to reside, food in your belly, and the freedom to explore the world in confidence. However, despite having all your physical needs met, emotionally - let's just say it was a bit barren. When a parent willfully doesn't provide food and shelter for a child the neglect is obvious, however, when the thing that is being withheld is loving support, and compassion, the neglect isn't visible and for many of us, it goes completely undetected - where it burrows in deep for years - it becomes a part of us. The Nine of Pentacles in this position reflects the experiences and the priorities of those around you growing up that have led to your beliefs today. 

The crow of the Five of Cups is focused on only one thing - that which it can not have - as the opportunity to drink from the three cups has past and the water is now in the ground. Because the crow is fixated on what it has lost - it can't see the opportunity behind him that is right in reach - nor does it see a path to freedom through the trees.

At the heart of today's reading is a sense of grief and loss. Coming off the Nine of Pentacles, the story these cards are telling me is one of heartbreak as the feelings of emotional neglect during childhood, or a long-term relationship are surfacing. This may be the result of a death of a parent or partner that took care of your material needs but always felt distant and cold. With the Five of Cups at the center, there is an overwhelming desire to fix a situation that has run out of time and because of the inability to let go - you can't see that there are loving relationships waiting for acceptance at this time - you just have to allow yourself to see them.

As someone who grew up with less than warm and fuzzy parents to put it nicely - I still struggle today with allowing others to get close and it can take years for me to truly trust someone with my feelings. This reading is one that brings up a lot of emotions for me. Growing up in our house as a kid, showing feelings was a sign of weakness and if you were weak - that meant that you "a baby" or a "wimp."  Over time and a great deal of self-exploration and help from others I learned that being vulnerable doesn't equate to weakness but rather deep inner-strength - my parents were just too scared to acknowledge that - it was easier to put on armor. Maybe your experience is similar? Maybe it is a generational thing?

Although still a work in progress - I learned a valuable lesson from that time as a kid - as I now make sure that my daughter knows that expressing her feelings at home is important -regardless if its the good, the bad, or the ugly -  I think the tween years for her generation is happening earlier - so the ugly is a bit more frequent these days! 

The crow of the Three of Wands sits on a pier gazing out across the water to a distant land. Although the journey may be far - the crow has an inner knowing, a faith that not only will it reach its destination - when it does the journey will be well worth the effort.

The Three of Wands brings a promise for a better tomorrow as a reward for the hard work you put in by healing any old wounds and feelings of loss. You will feel a sense of optimism emerge as a renewed feeling of hope fills the air. By freeing yourself of the cords to the past that no longer - or more likely never did serve you, you will find that world becomes more expansive with more possibilities.

There is no amount of anger, regret, or sorrow that will change an event from the past - however by taking positive steps and focusing on what can be changed today - the Three of Wands predicts a brilliant and fulfilling future. 

"If you wait, all that happens is that you get older." ~Larry McMurtry









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This is so spot on and where I am right now
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