General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Tuesday May 15th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Tuesday May 15th

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Good Morning,

We start the day with a heaviness in the air. However, there is hope. If you have been putting off something that needs to be addressed because you feel overwhelmed, or just unable to recognize the importance of making a decision and acting on it is at this time - the star brings with it luck energy and with it, you will find a positive outcome by taking steps forward. 

The crow of the Ten of swords suffers no more. It had endured pain and suffering and if there is anything positive to say about this poor bird - it is that it can now find peace as the worst is over.

Having the Ten of Swords in the past position this denotes a time of complete and utter sorrow. This is a sadness that cuts to your core as something that you cherished very deeply is no longer yours. Whether it be a relationship that ended horribly or a job that you loved for years only to be pushed out - the Ten of Swords carries with it the piercing energy of betrayal and much like a sharp sword, it severs all ties. There is one bright note here -it is over and you are stronger and more resilient as a result of this experience.

However, sometimes the trauma can lay dormant until an event triggers it - and although you have moved on and left that heartbreaking event of the past in the dust - deep from within - without consciously being aware - some of the residual energy created during this time surfaces calling on your insecurities and feelings of self-doubt as a result of this past event.

At the heart of the matter is the Two of Swords. Here this crow is firmly planted on the swords and although it could take the blindfold off and move forward - it is choosing to stay put because what it may face - may require more than it is ready to give. 

With the Two of Swords in the present position, this indicates that it may be you who is getting in your own way. Is the lack of action connected to feelings of fear or self-doubt as a result of the betrayal of the past and the energy around the Ten of Swords? The Two of Swords here may point to a perfectionist energy and holds you in place, unable to move out of fear of making a misstep and bruising your already damaged ego. 

You may know what needs to be done but lack the ability to move forward out of indecision or you are in denial and unable to see the path to success because confronting fear and the feelings of self-doubt will require vulnerability - something that is harder to achieve now as it takes mustering up a good deal more strength now as a result of a past hurt.

Bathing in a shower of light, the crow washes away feelings of doubt and negativity as positivity recharges its spirit. 

The Star enters here bringing with it a boost of positive energy and luck as well as a strong affirmation that by addressing your fears, shining a light on them and taking the steps to move forward you will find a positive outcome. With the Star energy surrounding you at this time you will feel less apprehensive or scattered when it comes to making decisions as you will have the ability to clearly see the potential taking action can bring to your situation.

The opportunity here with the Star is to not suppress the feelings from the past, it's not about being all "rah rah" and dismissing the pain, instead use this time and the strong positive energy of the Star to help you heal and find peace. 

"You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen." ~ Paulo Coelho



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