General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday April 20

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Crow Tarot reading

Good morning! 

The energy this morning around this spread is heavy and one that should cause us to examine our strengths and take inventory of our personal power because, in the end, we are the one driving this chariot.

The Five of Pentacles depicts two sets of crows - one set is up in the tree, secure and protected by the leaves and branches that provide shelter. On the ground, it is cold and a headwind keeps the birds focused on survival - they can not expand their vision as they have become victims of the elements.

The Five of Pentacles in this position denotes a time when you had to struggle to make ends meet or were going through a difficult situation that sucked out any joy from your world. This was a period that you have since moved passed, however, the feelings of that experience occasionally surface and despite being in a good place, you on occasion encounter feelings of scarcity and fear. 

It is this past experience that seems to run like a cord through your life and will have a direct impact on where you are today. If not managed - these feelings can derail your progress.

The crow of the Chariot soars across the sky, flapping its wings - directing the storm. The bird has discovered its ability to harness the cloud, it has learned how to control the electricity - directing it and channeling the power. 

At the heart of this spread and energy of the present moment is the realization that you have the power within you to create a forceful change, one that will propel you into a new direction. There is a warning, however, self-doubt, or second-guessing your strengths will loosen your grip and as a result, the energy around the Chariot will become scattered and the momentum will be lost.

This is a time for focused control - both hands on the wheel - 10 and 2!

This is not the time to question your skills, or if your insurance is up to date - it is time to put the pedal to the metal because you have places to go. 

With the Chariot in the center - there is a foundation of strength that will be needed in the future - so it is best that you learn how to not only call upon this energy but also control it - as it will be what will drive you forward out of a time of despair. 

The crow sits on a sword, watching its partner fly away. The three swords piece the heart as the pain is reinforced and irreversible. 

There is no getting around that the Three of Swords here denotes a painful experience in the future. However because the Chariot is at the center, the situation around the Three of Swords is one that you will be able to have the strength to resolve. 

The vibe I get here with these cards together, in their positions is that the feelings and pain around the past, those around struggling and insecurity need to be addressed. This will take strength and control  - because you will need to be able to see the past with an objective eye (like that of a passing scene in a rearview mirror) while at the same time focusing your attention on creating a powerful path forward- this takes a good deal of personal strength and command of your thoughts. 

The Three of Swords here - in my opinion, is about letting go of the past. Acknowledging the suffering you went through, allowing for time to mourn the experiences that left you brokenhearted. Although the Three of Swords is in the future position - I see this as an event coming up that will force you to address your own fears around scarcity, security and struggle so that you can leave those emotions in the past - where they belong. 

“The past is never where you think you left it.”  ~Katherine Anne Porter

Well - there is a good amount of stuff to think about this weekend! 

Happy Friday,


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