General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday August 10th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday August 10th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

There is love in the air and whether or not you realize it there is a magnetic pull drawing you together - the question this morning is are you hiding behind your idea of perfect to avoid getting to close or vulnerable with someone new?

The crow dances with joy in the victory circle. The four symbols in the corner represent the fix signs of the zodiac and the passage of time. This victory was no small achievement - no it was a massive, life-changing event. With this success under its wing, it is ready to fly off to a new adventure - a bit stronger, smarter, and more confident. 

Setting up the foundation for your current situation is The World. With a significant achievement in your past, you are in the midst of embarking on something new  that will benefit from this past positive experience. Maybe your divorce finalized and you are ready to date again - or perhaps you retired and are now free to explore other interests. Having the World as your foundation creates a steady and secure place to launch from.

The young idealistic crow looking for food on the beach hops on to the rim of a cup that washed up on the beach. Inside the cup is a talkative and creative little fish who entertains the crow long enough that the bird forgets it was hungry. The fish tells long winding tales of life in the sea and before long the crow and fish become friends. 

The Page of Cups takes center stage this morning and is at the core of your current situation. You are feeling an attraction to someone or a new idea that you may not see for what it is - you just can't help but be drawn to this person or to a situation. You may experience some friction at this time if you try to deny or suppress your feelings as this will inevitably cause you to act out of character thanks to that awkward feeling that comes from when fear, anticipation, and attraction combine. Even if you aren't consciously aware of it for example while talking with this person words come out of your mouth and you find yourself asking why the hell would I say that - this could be an indicator that you are in fact feeling attracted to that person. 

The energy of the Page of Cups can at times be emotionally immature and because of this, you may be experiencing feelings that remind you of your teenage years. Perhaps when you are around this person you get that giddy feeling. You may find yourself acting out in ways that seem childish to avoid being honest with yourself and the person you are attracted to - and as a result, you push that person away.

If it is a new project or situation that you are being drawn to - the energy of the Page of Cups may have you feeling eager to start something new - but with the underlying energy being immature you may approach the situation with less diplomacy or tact - especially if you need to work with others. 

The World brings with it a sense of maturity as it marks the completion of some significant time in your life - combining that with the youthful and immature Page of Cups will have you feeling as though you are getting a fresh start - that you aren't so much building off of your past experience rather instead you are moving on to something new entirely. 

The crow of the Page of Cups stares into the deep water that flows out of the cup. The bird uses the water to see into its soul as it searches for a karmic love and a connection to something deeper than what the physical world offers. 

In the future position, the Page of Cups brings a warning that you have an idealistic view of what a relationship or situation should look like and as a result, you may be disappointed in what reality offers as it doesn't compare to your vision. The Page of Cups asks are you using a petty imperfection to avoid getting close to someone or allowing a new relationship to enter your life? Are you rejecting the person who could be your soulmate over something trivial?

"Sure he is perfect in every way - but I could never date someone who puts ketchup on eggs - ugh its a shame..."

The cards this morning are pointing to a new beginning and a fresh start as you have moved on from a major time in your life and are entering a new period of growth. There is a youthful energy in the air and with it, you may feel as though you are starting over completely - trying to figure out the system or the new rules of the game. The Page of Cups helps you connect with someone or something new - and is responsible for those butterflies you feel in your gut however with the Page of Cups being a quest for a spiritual bond you may be over-analyzing the situation in an attempt to feel cosmically connected. The advice today's cards offer is that perfect partner is like a unicorn carrying a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine - a mere fantasy. Two out of three ain't bad... 

"You can never control who you fall in love with, even when you're in the most sad, confused time of your life. You don't fall in love with people because they're fun. It just happens."~ Kirsten Dunst








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