General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday August 24th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday August 24th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

If you are feeling unsure about your situation or if you are questioning your abilities - the cards that came up this morning bring the message to capture that optimism you once held when you started the journey as you have the skills needed for success - its time to push past feelings of self-doubt. 

The crow stood on the dock looking out across the water to a new land. Although the trip across the water would be long - the bird just knew that there was a chance for a better future on the other side. With the bright star shining a path and a clear view now that the clouds have parted a feeling of optimism washed over the bird knew it was meant to be. 

The Three of Wands represents a time when you took an opportunity to pursue something new - something that you felt drawn to and because of this, there was a good deal of optimism around this situation. Whether it be a new relationship or career path - right from the beginning you noticed little signs that there was a good chance that the outcome would be positive if you followed through. 

It is because of the Three of Wands that you are in the position you are in today. However, if it hasn't progressed as quickly as you had hoped - you may be feeling as though the luster has worn off. The message this card brings forward is to capture that initial optimism that you had for the situation because in doing the path will once again clear and the star will shine a light on the way. 

The sweetest cherries are hanging just high enough off the ground that they can't be reached - they are also too low with thin branches and will not support the weight of the bird - but that doesn't stop the clever crow and before long it showing others how to gather the tasty fruit. 

The Three of Pentacles at the heart of today's reading suggests that it is time to start putting your skills out there and use them to help further your progress. Dig deep into your mental toolbox because you have the ability to not only help yourself but also others in the process. It may be through teaching or helping others that you regain that optimistic feeling you held during the time with the Three of Wands - it could be needed shift that will create a better outcome for your situation.

If you have been coasting with an expectation that things will just happen naturally - you may discover that what your situation needs is a different approach - one that will call upon your knowledge about the area of your life you wish to expand. 

The crow is caught up in an energy storm as it is swept away by a fast-moving cloud. The crow, however, being clever discovered that it has the ability to steer the cloud and uses its power to go further and reach its destination with few obstacles - as he just barrels right on through them. 

By taking on a leadership role and using your knowledge - you will feel the force of the Chariot come in as it will accelerate your progress. Obstacles will seem less disruptive to the flow of your progress and you will feel a renewed sense of confidence in your ability to take control. 

With the Chariot energy entering - you will need to be focused on your goals and although the energy supports confidence you will need to harness that in the beginning so that you can take advantage of the power the Chariot brings to the situation. Without feeling secure in your skills or confident in the direction you are going you may encounter a time of unsettledness as you are pulled in too many directions. 

This is a great time to move your situation to a new level and to recapture that feeling of being on track with your purpose. The Three of Wands gave you a glimpse of where you can be - the Three of Pentacles shows you that you have the knowledge to get there and with the Chariot bringing a driving energy, success is in your hands. You just need to take the reigns, use your imagination to envision the path ahead and move forward with confidence. 

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." ~ Albert Einstein






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